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Susan - September 20

My son will be 4 months in one week. He is a big boy, over 15pds. I have been br___tfeeding only, but I think I want to start cereal now. Doctor said as long as he has been doing well no need to start cereal, but he always wakes up screaming as if he is starving, so I am thinking this may satisfy him more. What is your experience/ opinion?


KH - September 20

If it were me, I would start him. My son is only 9 weeks and weighs 14 lbs. I'm counting the days until I can start cereal at 4 mos. I need a break big time. He eats so often at night especially and that break of meal of cereal would be dream like at this point :)


Jbear - September 21

When you start feeding cereal to your baby, most of it comes right back out. You could try it, and if your baby actually swallows it instead of spitting it all out, you'll know he's ready. They say rice cereal is the best one to start with. You'll want to make it really thin at first too.


hey - September 21

i have 2 children and i started feeding my son solids at 2 1/2 mths because he is a big boy and needin sumthin more than just my milk! can i suggest 2 just start putting maybe 2 teaspoons of the plain cereal in his breakfast bottle for a few days n see how he goes and then maybe try it with his bottle b4 bed! u could also feed him fruit custard of a lunch time if u wanted but make sure it is pureed fruit so he can digest it. also make sure it isnt to late in the day so he doesnt get an upset belly, but id just see if the cereal in the bottle works first! hope this helps!


TCB - September 23

You know what your baby needs more than soem doctor does. Do what you think is best. I would start him on cereal.


to susan - September 24

Have you started him on b___stmilk in a bottle, yet? Try pumping, and feeding him a thin mixture of b___stmilk and cereal. If you prefer to only b___stfeed, try spoon feeding him (he is almost old enough) cereal mixed with b___stmilk at least three times a day. Of course, until he gets used to the spoon, he may get more on his face than he will in his mouth, but that is the fun of having kids!!! My pediatrician, at 4 months, had me feeding my daughter some pureed veggies and fruits (not too much fruit... it causes diarrhea). That seemed to satisfy my daughter so that she wasn't so hungry all the time. To this day, though she is 19 months old, she eats every 3-4 hours.


Alisha - September 25

Just follow your instincts. If you baby takes the cereal that means hes ready. Just make sure you spoon feed it to him. I think mixing cereal in a bottle could be dangerous. You know your baby cries by now, If its a hungry cry, try some cereal couldn't hurt at 4 months old. Good luck!


nelly - September 25

My daughter is 9 weeks and weighs 11/8 and they said when shes 3 months she could start the rice cereal.



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