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pinkbo0tlace - February 28

For the last two nights....I have been having nightmares with FREDDY KRUGAR in it!!! From the scary movies Nightmare on Elm Street! Can you believe that??....I haven't died yet!! :)


Hana - February 28

OMg id be soo frightened to got o sleep! Incidently I've also had weird dreams past couple of nights too..night before last i dreamt of the devil who was warning me of lots 'evil eyes' around me (WEIRD) and last night i dreamt that i had a stalker who left me weird taunting messages and then left me some gold when he committed suicide because he couldn't have me LOOOOL


CyndiG - February 28

I have very vivid dreams! It's awful! Sometimes I wake up and can't tell if it was real or not! I'm glad you're still alive! :O}


SonyaM - February 28

That is super creepy. I would have a really hard time falling asleep. I have had the same dream twice now in the past few months. I dream that I am going back to college where I orginally went but I can't find any of my cla__ses. So weird.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Sonya, is there something in your life that has always been familiar and stable yet now seems to be changing or unstable somehow? Or is there perhaps a problem in your life in which you have been trying to find an answer but can't seem to? (I'm a big dream meanings person...lol)


SonyaM - February 28

Rabbits, oh yeah absolutely. My dh just changed jobs in August and although he's happy and I'm mostly happy it is very different than before. His old job was very close to home and we could meet for lunch etc. It was also very flexible with hours and such. He also worked for his dad so there were good and bad things with that. This new job is far from home and it's very unflexible. We have been trying to decide if we should move closer to his new job so he has more time to spend at home. The problem with that is that we love where we live and we love the school district here. My son starts kinder in August so I feel pressure to make a decision before then. I don't want to him to have to change schools once he starts public school. So yeah, we have alot of stuff going on. So what do you think Rabbits...


Rabbits07 - February 28

It's not surprising that your dream involved a place that was familiar in your real life but confusing in your dream given the changes you are dealing with...everything is different than what it was before your dh changed jobs. Also the fact that it was your old college relays the fact that the school situation with your ds is really weighing on your mind. I am a firm believer that our dreams often reflect both our conscious and subconscious feelings and can even help find a solution. My suggestion would be to keep a journal of your dreams and see if you can find a pattern. You have to write it down immediately upon waking up as I'm sure you know how dream remembrance tends to fade upon waking. If you remember other details through the day from your dreams add those, too. Upon doing this you may find that your subconscious will let you know what it is that you really want to do that will make you the happiest.


kristie h - February 28

Rabbits good to see i am not the only crazy one that thinks like that about dreams. I dream every single night without fail. The scary thing for me though is 50% of my dreams comes true within a week whether its to do with me or somone else.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Yeah, I dream every night as well. My dh claims he never dreams. I know he does though because he talks in his sleep constantly...usually about his work! I've had some dreams come true exactly as I dreamed, but it's not a real common thing for me. I am always able to link my dreams to problem/solution matters in my life.


Mellissa - February 28

Rabbits07.. that's so neat that you're into the whole dream-meaning thing. Sometimes I dream things, then they happen..but not in the same way. Like a couple weeks ago i dreamt (dreamed, which is it? lol )that i went to the white house and was trying to convince Newt Gingrich to run for President. Then a couple days after that i started this job and my boss tells me (i didn't mention the dream to him, obviously) that he has been working on a letter for the past couple months to send to Newt telling him why he needs to run for president!! Do you think that's a coincidence? I mean really... Newt Gingrich? I know nothing about the guy!! Also.. could you tell me what you think this might mean: I keep having dreams that I am back in high school, and even though I have my diploma I have to go through the whole process of graduating again. I graduated 7 years ago!! Sorry... didn't mean to make this thread about something else.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Mellissa, it sounds like there is possibly something in your life that you thought was over and done with or completed, but now appears it is not and your subconscious is aware of the possibility of having to do it over again. I actually had a similar sequence of dreams after I had my m/c. We had thought we were done, but after that I finally came to realize that I was not going to feel complete until I had another child. Try to think if there is anything in your life at this moment that you felt was finalized or completed, but now seems like it is not so final or maybe something is even threatening to hinder it's completion. A lot of times we aren't consciously aware of things but our subconscious picks up on it. Like I told Sonya it is a good idea to keep a dream journal. Sometimes you will even have dreams that seem totally unrelated, but then when you start comparing them you realize there are certain similarities. When journalizing dreams it's important to do it as quickly as possible after waking and to include as much detail as possible...colors, sounds, emotions, etc....any little detail can have meaning.


kristie h - February 28

Hi Rabbits, i need help with a dream i have about 4 times awwek. i am 11 weeks pregnant and ever since i have been pregnant i keep dreaming about old school friends. I mean thses are people i have not seen for 10 years or so. Like lastnight i had a dream that i was with a friend that i had not seen for about 8 years. We were at school and seaching for somthing like a maths cla__s. By the time the day coming to an end we thought we wre not going to find the cla__s but to my surprise i looked up at the ceiling and there was the cla__s (upside down on the ceiling). The weird thing is the emotion behind it, it was like it was like another world that i had just descoverd and we were amazed, if the cla__s looked down on us we would of been upside down to them like we were living in another world. mmmmm that was a weird one.


Mellissa - February 28

Rabbits07.. your a___lysis makes total sense. After I had Diesel I told Chad that I think we are done having kids, but lately he has been telling me he wants one more. Maybe that's what the dreams are about? Me thinking i was done, but possibly having to redo the whole baby thing again.


LollyM - March 1

Ah! pink, that is creepy! If you have that dream again, try to ask Freddy who he is and what he wants. He will probably become scared of you and run away! It really works =) Kristie, I know your question was directed at rabbits, but I am a bit of a dream person too... Could you be looking for something that is right in front of you? or you need a solution to something? The answer to any problem in your life right now might be to look at it from a different angle =) Rabbits, did you get that idea also? Just seeing if our theories match up =) Also, I used to dream allot, and very vividly. A few years ago, I went through some emotional trauma and now I don't remember my dreams hardly at all... I really wish I could! Anyone have tips for me about that? Ps. kristie, you have a gift with your prophetic dreams! Maybe try to use them to help people? I have had a few also =)


Rabbits07 - March 2

kristie, I agree with Lolly. The fact that you found the cla__s you were looking for on the ceiling relays that you may need to examine any problem that you are dealing with right now from a different angle or point of view. It could also mean that you will find the answer in a most unexpected way or manner. The fact that you are always with friends from school that you no longer have contact with could mean that the problem is something that you felt you had control over initially, but now you feel you have lost touch or control. The emotion that you described in your dream coupled with the fact that you found the cla__s in such an unexpected place makes me feel like you will find the answer to your problem in a most odd way that is totally contrary to what you thought it would be. If you are having the dream as high as 4x a week this is definitely something that is pressing on your mind. Also, I wanted to mention that pregnancy can alot of times amplify our dreams and cause them to be much more vivid and even discerning. I remember when I got preg with my fourth I started constantly dreaming that I was giving birth in the most odd places where people were not qualified or prepared to help me deliver. Once I was in a nursing home bed, once at my grandma's and my aunt was going to do a c-section and once on a lunch table in the cafeteria of a school I once went to for only a couple of months. Those weren't too hard to figure out though as I had been kind of traumatized during the birth of my third child...(bad birthing experience) and it was obvious that I felt totally unprepared for the birth of the baby I was preggo with. Usually if you can find the root of the problem and try to pull the meaning out of your dreams and apply it to the problem you will find them great source of help.


Smilefull - March 3

Lolly--you could keep a book right next to your bed and the second you wake up write things down that you remember from your dream. You're way more likely to remember them right when you wake up. Rabbits--THIS IS SOO AWESOME OF YOU TO DO EVERYONE's DREAMS. Can I ask you to do one of mine? I've been having a recuring dream through out my life--once every year/every two years---there's variations but it generally takes on the same form---I'm standing somewhere looking at a plane/helicopter/etc. and I see that it's starting to break down/loose control...then I realise that path that it's going on, that it's going to hit me...then I start running, but I can't run..like my legs just won't listen to my head....it never hits me, I usually just wake up and feel frightened/freaked out.


LollyM - March 3

I used to have volcano dreams like that smilefull! I was always running from the hot lave. I had them since I was very small, until I was 17 and I finally made them stop by telling myself that enough was enough and I would tolerate no such volcano dreams! In my case, I am very convinced that I was killed by a volcano in a past life. I knew about Pompey before they ever taught it at school and my parents never told me anything about it either. Oh, I also had crazy pregnancy dreams! One dream I had was that I was at a resturaunt and Christopher Lloyd was there, and I though he was hitting on me and I told him to stop and couldn't he see I was pregnant and there with my husband? Well, he looked me straight in the face and told me not to be so conceded and then went on to give an angry speech about how I am so self centered! lol



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