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austinsmom - June 12

Some of you may already know this but I am a first time mom and I am so proud of myself for figuring this out and I wanted to share for some of yall that may not know ........I just started feeding my ds solids and I buy the jars of babyfood.....My ds does'nt really eat much since this is a new thing to him and the jars state on them to store in frige for up to 2 days....well my ds does not eat all jar in 2 days yet so I started taking a ice cube tray and I will put the serving amount in each cube and cover with aluminum foil and freeze...this makes it so easy to feed him and save me the money from wasting the food that he does not eat .........just for those who have'nt thought of it I think this is great!!!!


Bonnie - June 12

Thanks! Good idea! Do you pour the food into a bowl first or feed straight from the jar? I am questions just how bad it is to give hiim a jar the next day if I fed him straight from it. Anyone have an opinion?


austinsmom - June 12

I read something somewhere that you should'nt feed straight from the jar cause it could contaminate the entire jar......this makes pure sense to me if he has a cold or something but a little unsure about the contamination thing if he is perfectly healthy....but.....I am overcautious so I use an adult teaspoon and dip 2 of those into a bowl (that is about one serving for my lo right now) and if he wants more I basically use a spoon that has not been in his mouth dip out of jar into the bowl......


Rabbits07 - June 12

I had read somewhere that the saliva off of the spoon causes bacteria to start growing in it....but I thought that was the whole point of refrigerating...so I'm unsure about it myself.


Steph - June 12

Your right, your not supposed to feed right out of the jar unless you know that your baby's going to eat all the food in one sitting. Your best bet then is to get a small bowl, and put a bit of the food in it...you can always put more food in if they need it. :o) Feeding directly from the jar encourages the growth of bacteria and also enzymes in baby's saliva can make the food turn watery.


Bonnie - June 12

Okay thanks ladies. I've been doing the bowl thing but I would have preferred straight out of the jar. I just wondered if it made a big difference if they ate the reast later that day or next day at teh latest.


Nerdy Girl - June 12

The ice cube tray idea works great for homemade baby food too. That's what I do if I make a batch of something for my ds. I freeze it in ice cube trays, store the cubes in ziploc baggies, and then just take out 1 or 2 cubes at a time and heat them up.


HannahBaby - June 12

They say that you should eat anything opened within 24 hours of being in the refridgerator, at 24 hours there is a lot of bacteria what starts growing.



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