Wanting Another Baby Already

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lizzy11 - February 2

Hey all. Well, my DH is 8 weeks old tomorrow. The past week I've found myself wanting another baby. I love her so so so much. I feel we've bonded a lot over the past week as well. Her name is Hannah, BTW. Maybe this is why I want another one so soon. What's up with this? My DH doesn't mind having another soon either. Do you think we should start trying? We would like our kids to be pretty close in age. I'm just worried about how my body would handle it. I had a c-section. I wonder if it would be too dangerous to have them so close together. Any close siblings out there? Thanks, Lizzy


Erynn21 - February 2

You really need to be careful because of the c-sec, my doc recommended I wait a year because I had a c-sec, but he had to do a vertical cut along w/a horizontal inside. Still though your body does need to heal some, I would talk to you doctor if you're serious just to see if there would be any complications.


ry - February 2

I have baby fever really bad again, especailly after seeing all these gorgeous newborns on your sites! I just really have my hands full with Bella right now I cant imagine having 2 so young (she is 10 months)


aurorabunny - February 2

Yeah I agree with Erynn, your body needs much more time to heal than it would have if you started trying right now. I would wait to make this decision until you're not so hormonal ( I don't mean that offensively, I just know what my hormones were like 8 weeks pp and I wasn't even close to thinking rationally). My advice is for now just try to relax and enjoy the baby that you do have.


Mommy_to_be - February 2

I get that feeling too sometimes and my dd is only 10 and 1/2 weeks. Your body does need time. Medical professionals suggest waiting at least 6 months pp before getting pregnant again.


lexa - February 2

I agree with aurorabunny. Hormones work in funny ways. It is very normal to want another so soon. I still feel that way and mine is 4 months today. I think mine is due to the fact that I won't be having any more. If you and your husband want another one, I would wait a little while before trying for another. Your body really needs to heal from the birth of dd! Enjoy her now while she is young. Good luck to you:-) And congrats on your little girl!


marimar - February 3

me too,my son is almost 3 months and already want another one,i been feeling like this since he was one month old.


mandee25 - February 3

My doctor said it is best to give your body a year to recover before getting pregnant again. I have a 10 and 1/2 week old son and maybe it is the hormones but I find myself daydreaming about having another LO too. We plan on trying again next year though.


proudmommy - February 3

I feel the same way. My ds is 4.5 months old and I can't wait to have another one. I already talked to my doctor about trying for #2 when ds is 6 months old. He said to go for it. But I didn't have a c-sec either. I have wanted #2 since ds (Luke) was probably about a month old.


apr - February 4

lizzy-I had that too when my ds was around your LO's age. I dont know if u have a dd or ds coz u wrote dh by mistake lol. anyways, I think there was a thread about this back then (nearly 6 months old) about how lots of women go through this kind of phaze after birth. I know I did, but boy did it wear off. I think someone mentioned how its because all the pampering is gone etc. When I read that I suddenly realized how true it is about me. After a few months it totally wore off, and no, I can not handle another pregnancy so soon. I want o start ttc again when ds is a year old or walking. Good luck in whatever you choose to do :) Enjoy your baby for now


lizzy11 - February 4

oops, lol. Thanks for bringing to my attention that I wrote DH by mistake. I ment DD. hehehehe. My DD is 8 weeks old now. I still want another one but I think we'll wait a while. But if it happens sooner, we'll be ok with it. Congrats to all the new moms! Just FYI, I live in Fleetwood England in the UK. Any one live near by?



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