Wanting Solids But Still Spitting Up

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excited2bemama - October 31

Okay like I mentioned before I had really wanted to wait till 6 months to start solids with my dd. She is 5 months old. She is demanding solids. She yells at the table if we don't let her have anything. So far I have only given her banana and apple in a mesh feeder. I don't really want to feed her but I need to let her have a little bit since she is soooo interested and at least wants to try. She is totally br___tfed and still spits up at least 2-4 times atter EVERY feeding. Its a small amount and she is for the most part a happy spitter. So when we gave her the apple and the banana she spit those up too... I guess I am just wondering at what point do they outgrow this? Is it even worth feeding her solids if she is just going to spit it all back up? Is it better to wait till she is not spitting anymore. Her ped doesn;t really care that she spits up so much because she is growing and thriving and I don't really want her on medication. Also her ped has been pushing me to start solids since she was 4 months. What do you all think? Any advice?


DB - October 31

Hi there...my dd was a spitter (not happy though!!) from birth-6.5 months. We started rice cereal at 4.5 months old (she was ebf too). She did still spit that up a bit too, but it seemed to help keep some of it down. Once the cereal was less soupy it stayed down better. She was on Zantac 2x per day from 3 weeks old til 6 months old. At 6 months she just kinda stopped spitting up! I'm not sure if it was because she was eating more solids of it she just outgrew it (or in otherwords her gastroesophageal sphincter developed more). So, I guess it's up to you! You don't have to wait for her to stop spitting (she may spit for many more months?-my dd has the occasional wet burp with food in it still at 9months) If she shows interest then go for it! She may really enjoy it! If you notice tummy issues then back off the solids. I wanted to wait until 6 months too, but at 4 months my dd was wanting to nurse every 2 hours and was never satisfied, so like I said we started cereal at 4.5 months and did that for 1 month, then started oatmeal and veggies at 5.5 months old...she LOVES her veggies now :) So, imo, I'd say go for it, but again , just my opinion.


kristine - November 1

Yep, when my son started on the rice cereal is seemed to help with the spitting. For the first couple of weeks of fruits and veggies he spit up a lot, and then his stomach seemed to adjust and now he doesn't spit up that much anymore. He is 6 months old now. I started rice cereal at 4 months and fruits and veggies at 4.5-5 months.


excited2bemama - November 5

hmm Thanks for all your replies- I guess I am just so torn about the whole solids since alot of sources including the AAP recommends waiting till 6 months since babies don't have the digestive enzymes for solids and also so they don't develope allergies... but yeah she does nurse ALOT.. every 1.5-2 hours which can be grueling at times! :o) And since she spits so much I figured that she still has tummy issues.. but anyways.. I am rambling.. She hasn't seemed that interested since I gave her the banana so I guess I will wait till she starts demanding solids again! :o)


excited2bemama - November 5

oops- I meant some babies don't develope the neccessary enzymes till 6 months..



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