WARNING Can Opener Danger

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Rabbits07 - February 22

My mom got me a can opener for Christmas....it is like a one touch, cordless thing that opens the can a different way so that the lids aren't sharp. Well, what it doesn't tell you is that the CAN top is like a razor blade! I had opened a can and thrown it in the trash. A few minutes later I was throwing something else away and pushed it down in the can (we have a swing top lid) and the can top sliced me wide open! On my left hand, middle finger, it sliced my finger from the top of my finger all the way down to the the first joint. Since it went in at an angle instead of straight in they were able to just glue it and I didn't have to have st_tches but I'm still in lots of pain. It throbs on and off. Anyways, my daughter had cut herself on a can opened with the same opener a couple of weeks ago and at that time I thought that she must have hit it in some out of the ordinary way, but today after my accident I checked and the can tops are razor sharp. I worry about other households, especially those with children, that may have these. I plan on writing the company.


bradylove - February 22

Oh Rabbits! That sounds horrible! Can you take anything for the pain? I'm glad you posted this because I was thinking of buying one...


srigles - February 22

I'm so glad you mentioned this, because we just bought one! Sounds like a pretty painful cut.... hope your finger's feeling better....


piratesmermaid - February 22

Oh gosh! Definitely write the company! And let us know if they respond.


MM - February 22

I cut myself pretty badly about a year or so ago using a regular one (the lid was razor sharp) so I think you just have to be careful with whichever kind you choose. I prefer the kind that makes the can sharp because I recycle them anyway so I don't have to stuff them in the garbage (so I'm less likely to cut myself with that kind).


Lisastar9 - February 22

MM the can opened rabbits used is good for recycling . But dangerious in the way it cuts like rabbits said. OUCH>


Rabbits07 - February 23

MM, my mom brought up the same thing. I had actually cut myself one time on a lid as well when the opener didn't cut it off all the way and I was trying to pry it off (dumb, I know). It didn't cut me nearly as badly as this can did though. With the other can openers I always stuck the lid down in the can and trashed it so the danger was pretty much gone at that point. I was just so shocked that it cut me so bad. I didn't even know what cut me at first. I just totally freaked when I felt it then raised my hand up and was bleeding profusely. I couldn't even let it go to drive and had to call dh at work to come home to drive me to the hospital. After I got the bleeding to stop I checked the trash to see what it was that cut me and there it was. My only gripe is that the can opener company should make it known that while the lid isn't sharp the can still is. I think there is just this false sense of security. I mean, I know it's just a can, but that thing could do some major damage if a child were to get a hold of it.


mcatherine - February 23

ouch - hope you feel better! I understand what you mean. Where I pay attention - my 11 year old may not! Thanks for the heads up!


MM - February 23

Thank you for the warning rabbits, I do understand. I just wanted to point out that no matter which opener you use, you will have a sharp edge. You are cutting metal, so it will either be the lid or the can. But as rabbits said, be careful... & make sure you are aware where the sharp edge is.



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