Was I Right Or Wrong

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ash2 - May 21

i need some advice. i was at the park the other day with my 3 year old son, and to make a long story short, there were some other kids playing underneath the slide that were fighting and throwing sand at each other. while i walked over there i began to look for the moms that were there with the children that i thought would meet me over there and one othere lady came over there. well it wasnt either moms of the fighting children. i went over to the kids, and told them to stop fighting and tried to yell and tell them to stop . well this was not working , the other lady gave me a disgusted look and grabbed one of the children and pulled her out from under the slide .( the one that was fighting). now my question is, was i supposed to step in and " touch " another kid that was not mine and take control, or wait for the kids parents to come over and take over. ? im not a fan of trying to interfere with somone else's kid so i just tried to do the best i can. i know i wouldnt want a perfect stranger to pull my kid from something like that. keep in mind these kids were old enough to understand discipline ( around 4 and 6) ... tell me what you think


SonyaM - May 21

Boy, that is a tough situation. The only thing I can think of is perhaps approaching the parents (if you could have figured that out) and telling them that their children were fighting. I don't think I would have physically stepped in unless the kids were really hurting eachother. That is a really hard situation. It's hard when other people don't look after their children. Don't beat yourself up over this.


ash2 - May 21

well not to mention i am also 9 1/2 months pregnant, so i would actually have to get on my hands and knees to pull the kids apart


Bonnie - May 22

You did the right thing. I would never touch another parent's child. If they wer enot stepping up and doing anything I would have yelled at them as you did and if they gave me c___p about yelling at their kid I would tell them they may want to actually try it themselves. :P However, if someone else's child was doing something very dangerous (like throwing rocks instead of sand) or if another person's kid started fighting with my own kid (hittine, etc.) I darn well would put my hands on them in that situation. I think you handled yourself perfectly. If I saw anyone man-handeling my child I would be all over them. :)


Rabbits07 - May 22

I am like Bonnie, I would never physically move another person's child in such a situation unless I felt that they were in danger, or putting my child in danger. The days are gone when you can take matters into your own hands with other people's children---people are just too lawsuit happy. I wouldn't want someone manhandling one of my children unless absolutely unavoidable either so I would show the same courtesy. I think you did the right thing.


kimberley - May 22

I work in a place where sometimes parents let their children run rampant, and it is not a safe enviroment for kids, I work in a bar and bistro.......I have never touched anyones elses child, I have to be nice, so I always ask the child where there parents are etc etc.....if they are not old enough to talk, I then start asking everyone, who is the parent of this child etc etc...In your case I would have been yelling out at people...excuse me, but whos children are these, I think someone will get hurt in a minute.......It is not always easy. I have to always be diplomatic hwere I work, and I always stress to the parents that I am concerned for the safety of their children (even when it seems they are not) some parents do not like being told to keep their kids under control...I know its hard...I just wish parents wouldn't take there kids to bars.....one of my pet peeves! I know this doesn't really have anything to do with your park scenario, just trying to point out some parents dont care, and even when you talk or yell at there children for there OWN safety, they still get mad.....cant win I tell ya. What you did though was not wrong, and I would have been probably yelling louder, but at the parents standing by...lol



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