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CamysMama - June 15

Hi ladies, what is your preferred way to wash your baby's clothes? Anything special you need to do when washing brand-new baby clothes? First time mom-to-be here, and any tips you have for me are greatly appreciated. Thank you! :o)


Bree - June 15

I use the baby all detergent and usually wash all of the baby things together, except for the bright/dark colored things. Most things are white/light so they get tossed in together. Get a stain stick/spray b/c once they start eating they get stains all over the place! I've ruined some things by not treating/soaking them, then I've dried them and it's too late. lol


CamysMama - June 15

Thank you Bree! The name of the detergent is Baby All? Can I get that at the regular grocery store, or do I need to go to a children's store? Also, is it true that you're always supposed to wash new baby clothes before dressing them?


Rabbits07 - June 15

There are several baby detergents, baby ALL, Purex Baby...those are your cheaper ones...then there is Dreft, Ivory Snow, etc...that cost a bit more. I use the Purex Baby and it has the nice baby smell to it and works very well. You should be able to find those at your local grocery or Wal-Mart. (Be aware that Ivory Snow reduces the flame retardancy in children's sleepwear) It's a good idea to wash the clothes before baby wears them because 1) it makes them softer and 2) you don't know who all has handled them while they were hanging in the store (or what they had on their hands)! I also make it a habit to check the clothes as I get them out of the washer before putting in the dryer to recheck for any stains that may not have come out. I also read something that said not to use the dryer sheet fabric softener for the first couple of months at least because it can be irritating to their delicate skin.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

I use that All Free and Clear, it has no dye and no perfume in it. Dreft is almost $10 for a bottle, and All Free and Clear is only like $4. I put all the baby's clothes in her own hamper and wash them together. I accidentally washed her clothes in some of our regular detergent, Gain Joyful Expressions, and she didnt break out after she wore them or anything. I think it just depends on the baby.


lynnstress - June 15

I use what I have, and I have unscented / dye free, etc. I ALWAYS wash new clothes before wearing - for me, hubby or baby! And do stock up on your favorite stain remover.


Jamie - June 15

I wash Serenity's clothes with ours. I use Tide Free? I think? It's the Tide that doesn't have perfumes or dyes added.


LisaB - June 15

I use eco-something its supposed to be better for the envirnment and great for babies. It smells yummy. I have always washed everything before letting ds wear it I read you are supposed to. I also don't dry any of ds clothes in the dryer they are all 100% cotton so they shrink. I use Shout to treat any stains.


AmandaManns - June 15

I also use the Baby All and I love it. I use Shout or Dreft stain remover for any stains. One advice I would give is wait to see how big of baby you are going to have. As a first time mom I went crazy with the clothes and took all the tags off of them and washed them all before he was born. Well he was 10 lbs unexpectedly at birth and could not even wear newborn clothes and he was only in 0-3 months for like 3 weeks. So I ended up having all of these clothes that had been washed and no tags and he did not even wear them.


bbelmore - June 15

i wash the babby things separately only because it's a b***h sorting the stuff out! I use the unscented bounce dryer sheets, no perumes to irritate LO's skin.


LisaB - June 15

FYI dryer sheets take the flame retarded (SP) out of clothes. Something I read at the doctors office. Weird huh?


Mel_C - June 16

I keep all of Kylen's washing in his own hamper, including sheets/blankets etc. We use a special baby detergent called Amisan (I think.. might have the name a bit wrong). If anything gets poop on it, I wash the extra "matter" offf, soak it in a nappy sanitiser (here in NZ we have a product called NapiSan, not sure if it is available in the states), then rinse it, then wash it as usual. Congrats on your impending arrival!



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