Washing Baby S Hair Question

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ssmith - February 23

How old were your LO's when you started pouring water over their head's to wash their hair? I still hold my dd in the "football" hold over the sink to wash her hair. This was cool when she was little and light....but she is WAY too heavy to football--hold now, not to mention too tall. I just have a phobia about water in her ears....


LisaB - February 23

My ds never cared about water in his eyes so I would say maybe 4 months of course I cant remember for sure but it was early. I still just dump and hes fine getting in in his face.


Steph - February 23

Trevor is almost 8 months old and I still don't let the water in his face/eyes. I always cup my hand over his forehead and then rinse.


Lchan - February 23

Babies R Us sells a bathing visor that goes around the baby's head with an opening for the top of their head to pour out. Its made of that rubbery foam material and is really cheap. My sister used this for my niece, who hated water on her face, and it was wonderful.


Erin1979 - February 23

I started at about 4 months as well. Dd is 18 months now, and is really good while washing her hair. We are teaching her how to lean her head back while we pour water over her head.


Emmie - February 24

My son is 10 months old and I just started pouring water over him head. After I do it I say yeah and he gets all excited. He doesnt mind too much.


mcatherine - February 24

My son is 6 months - he loves it when I dump the water over his head. He giggles. I guess I get as much of it as I can without dumping over his face, but when I do we all laugh and splash.


punkin01 - February 24

i saw this pitcher at wal mart the other day that is hard plastic and flat on one side and where it is flat it has a soft rubber piece ....you place that rubber piece over the childs forehaead and pour over the hair to prevent the water from getting in their eyes/face



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