Washing New Clothes

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miami_loca - March 15

does everyone prefer baby laundry detergent, or would one of the "free" detergents be ok, like Tide Free? Im about to wash all my little guys new clothes for the 1st time to prepare for his arrival next week! thanks for any advice!


tiffani - March 15

Save your $$ and just buy one of the "Free" detergents. That's really all the baby detergents are. :o)


Shea - March 15

Actually I really like Dreft...it is expensive, but it just makes everything smell like "baby".


Shelly - March 15

Since baby's skin can be very sensitive I would recommend to use either Baby Dreft or Baby All,at least the first months. Baby All is not that expensive $4.50 so defenetly worth it.


Alycia - March 15

Detergents like Purex Free & Clear are actually even better for sensitive skin than Baby All or Baby Dreft because the latter two contain fragrances.


Ca__sieSong - March 15

I've used the free and clear stuff from the beginning and my dd has never had any bad reactions to it.


tiffani - March 15

Actually, to be honest with you... I used Dreft only for the first 4 loads of baby clothes (I had some free samples) then I switched to what we use for the rest of the family, Cheer. Dylan never had any problems with it. :o)


TRP - March 15

I did use Dreft by itself for the first couple of months. Now I use half Dreft and half Gain. After this box of Dreft is gone, I plan on using just Gain.


Mendi - March 16

I read in "What To Expect The First Year" that baby detergent is not necessary. YOu can use regular detergent and to try a test with an article of the baby's clothes. I personally use Baby All because Dreft is just too much, and if you live close to Target they sell their own brand of baby detergent.


Lillie E - March 16

i used the dreft and it was REALLY bad at cleaning the clothes. Baby clothes get stains... and the dreft didn't get anything out. i started using the detergent that i use for the other clothes. Tide with downy. My son didn't have any problems with it. i say only use the "baby detergents" if he has problems with the regular stuff.


kimmysmommy - March 16

i like baby purex...it smells like baby too :0)


TRP - March 16

I agree with Lillie E that Dreft doesn't get the stains out. That's why I started adding regular detergent in with it. So if you have a messy baby I wouldn't recommend Dreft.


Shea - March 16

Besides detergent, what about fabric softener or dryer sheets- all of them say not to use on childrens sleepware b/c they will affect the flame retardant properties. I have just been living w/ static, anyone else have a suggestion?


Beth B - March 16

I like the target brand of dreft. It smells good and is cheaper.


Shelly - March 16

I've been using the snuggle dryer sheets since day one!


lynnstress - March 17

I agree with Alycia - Purex is also really super inexpensive! I like unscented stuff anyway. I've found that any oxy-based stain remover in a trigger spray bottle has worked best for me. I may have to spray, rinse and spray again several times before washing, but I'd rather do that than let a stain set!


babygirls1st - March 17

my baby is 6mos and i've been using DREFT the whole time. But once this one runs out I'm MAKING THE SWITCH :-)



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