Watch Out Phoenix Arizona

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ash2 - February 1

PHOENIX -- It's a scary time for parents of young girls in the Phoenix area. Police believe a s_x predator has been breaking into homes at night to kidnap and s_xually assault young girls. Three assaults have occurred within a five-mile radius since August, and police believe the attacker may have tried two other times. In the first attack, a man forced open a window and tried to snatch a 4-year-old girl. The girl's older sister woke up and screamed, causing the man to run. A second girl, 5 years old, was not so lucky. She was kidnapped as she slept. Police believe the man s_xually assaulted the girl before dropping her half-naked on a doorstep five miles away. In December, a 13-year-old girl was s_xually assaulted in her room, before her screams brought help and the man fled.


SonyaM - February 1

Makes me so glad we have alarm. I suppose this CREEP is watching the houses to know their are girls there and which rooms are thiers? This world totally sucks sometimes.


JJB - February 1

Ash would you PLEASE stop with all these posts?? We all have access to tv's, newspapers, computers I don't feel like coming on a pregnanct/parenting forum and continually seeing you post this stuff. Yes, I know before you can get it out, I DON'T have to click on it. Yes, it's good to be informed but enough is enough already!


ash2 - February 1

Sorry a news finatic...if you dont want to read, dont click...its that easy. Sonya, i know....DS usually is in our bed by midnight anyway.


Lisastar9 - February 1

aamaybe in your t_tle put new story,or some effect so ones like JJB can be forwarned. I don't have a problem with you posting this kind of stuff.


BreaunasMommy - February 1

wow that is sick..I personally dont mind these type of posts , not that I like bad news or anything but I actually dont have much time to read the paper or watch the news. The time I do get to watch tv is not spent watching news lol my choice. Anyways I agree with the whole if you dont want to read it dont click on it and dont wast your time replying to it either. it was very nice of you to inform people in that area of this because there might be people like me who dont really catch the latest news until its to late.


Mellissa - February 2

I am so terrified of this happening!! Even though our rooms are on the second floor, it's still possible, even though dh thinks I'm crazy to be worried. it's a good thing Rylee still climbs into bed with us in the middle of the night, or else i'd be sleeping in her room probably!


ash2 - February 2

I will take your advice lisastar. I just cant believe in this day and age this stuff is still happening....Why arent the cops catching these people ?! Ya know, i mentioned in my last " news broadcast" (lol) that their was a white van that kept loitering by a dropoff where these girls kept getting off every day and he actaully followed them to the doorstep. When the little girl saw him, she screamed and he ran off. Well the mom called the police and they said " well unless she is kidnapped we cannot do nothing " AHHH ! So they wait untill THAT happens before they will do something. There is seriously something wrong with the system.



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