Watching My Ds Brings Tears Of Joy

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JAI - July 12

My son is just over 8 months old. He is so cute and such a happy little guy. Tonight I took him to a concert at one of the local parks. He was sitting on my friends lap and watching the concert, he started clapping and getting all excited and so into the music, I just sat there and thought to myself does this get any better. I had tears coming down my face, of course tears of pure joy and love. Sorry I had to share this with you all. Here are some current pics of my little guy.


cae - July 13

Hi JAI...I know how you feel, and it is the best feeling ever! I want to see your pics, but it keeps saying page will not display. I tried taking out some dashes to see if that would work, but it still doesnt...Look at the address to make it is correct...or maybe its just me...I will check back in the morning.


JAI - July 13 (No dashes)


JAI - July 13

When I paste the dashes just come back so take them out strange. Sorry!


Bonnie - July 13

He is getting so big! Love that sound like me, do you ever get embarra__sed because you start tearing up when they just look at you a certain way? lol I swear my DH just rolls his eye at me. :D


JAI - July 13

I am so pathetic Bonnie, I cry over anything and everything. My dh is always making fun of me. I cannot help it, I am very sensative just like my mom. By the way how is little Mason doing these days?


Bonnie - July 13

I am super sensitive too. Mason is doing a bit better. the last few days have been rough. My DH had back surgery so is really loopy and out of it and I think Mason is missing his dad so I have 2 babies to watch now. :P.....Put it this way, I went out and bought me alcohol! lol


Narcissus - July 13

Hi ladies! JAI, boy oh boy do I know what you mean and let me a__sure you, it gets better! Just when I think my son cannot get any cuter, he outshines himself. Jordan is one precious little boy:) He looks so happy. I imagine that he will grow up to be a very sweet and loving little man. Bonnie, your dh is loopy, huh? Way back when I was dating my dh, he also had surgery and everytime he took a pain pill, he would be so sweet and would practically tell me he wanted to marry me. We had only been dating for 4 months so he swept me off my feet with what I term, perco-talk. I was always at his bedside every 3.5 hrs with a new pill for him bc I knew he was going to be in la-la land 30 minutes later!


danasmom - July 14

Now that is one cute cute You need to put that baby in commercials or something.


ssmith - July 14

What a sweetheart! I am a teary mess too whenever I look at my little girl! The other day I was all weepy and I was holding Caitlin in my arms...and she gave me the biggest smile ( which of course made me cry even harder! )



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