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alida - October 18

My dd (7.5 mo) loves the TV. I turn it on in the am to watch my morning shows while I feed her and have my coffe and she will stare at the tv then go back to her toys then stare at it again etc... The American Board of Pediatrics says no tv until age 2. Does that include this type thing or does that mean we shouldn't be putting them in front of it to entertain having them watch their shows or dvds. Just curious about how much tv your little ones watch??


aliciavr6 - October 18

I let my 4 month old watch her Baby Signing Time DVD while I get ready for work. She look around a lot, then will look at tv, look around, play with her toys, look at tv. Personally I don't see the problem with it, but it's my opinion.


ImpatientMommy - October 18

I was wondering the same thing. My daughter is 4 months old and when I put her on her activity mat on the floor she'll play with the toys but then look at the tv for a few seconds then go back to her toys etc.... I wonder too if I shouldn't be letting her do this


mommybabyboy21 - October 18

I purposely put on baby einstein for my lo one. I usually have him in his bouncer when he was two months but now that he is four I put him in his jumper in front of the tv while I go get my breakfast. he also stares at the tv sometimes when i am watching it and he is playing on the floor below me.


JerseyGirl - October 18

A hot topic! My personal opinion is not a lot of TV at all. I truly believe that the Baby Einsteins and even regular TV has too many quick images that don't allow their brains to focus on anything... which can lead to ADD. Think about it: if they see so many things in a short period of time, how can they focus? When kids (and adults!) can't focus on something, they usually have ADD. I, for one, will be keeping my 4-month-old DS away from TV, at least until he's old enough. (Of course, right now, I don't know how old is old enough, but you get my drift.)


DDT - October 18

My ds only started becoming interested in the TV when he was 7 months old. He watches TV in his Jumperoo while I get dressed in the morning which takes probably 10mins. He also watches a Baby Einstein 1-2x a week. But even with this it doesn't keep his attention for the entire 30mins. He plays and if something catches his eye he will watch for a few mins. I know that its advised not to let lo's watch TV until they are 2 years old.....BUT how will I be able to rigidly enforce that when dh and myself like to watch TV. IMO there has to be limit or course. Like I said my ds only really watches about 1hr TV a week.


mommybabyboy21 - October 18

Actually what DDT said is true tough I put baby einstein on he usually only watches it when the puppets are on other than that he is playing. and I dont think we have ever started and finished a video. I use them for back ground noises because right now I only play the musical ones. and my son doesn't focus on anything for very long he is always looking to do something else or want to be entertain some other way...and most of his toys that have lights flash at him quicker than the if I was worried about that then I wouldn't let my lo play with most of the new toys out there.


alida - October 18

My dd will watch the entire Baby Einstein...she doesn't take her eyes off of it. My dd watches more than an hour a are right- how do you enforce no tv when we like to watch it so much! :) I guess I'll have to start putting her to bed earlier in order to watch all my favorite shows! JK Ha Ha!



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