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monica - August 31

is it ok to give my 5 week old water? my mom insist its ok and gave all her babies water.


lilmama - September 1

no, only formula or b___st milk. If he or she still acts hungry, just start giving more at feedings


Alisha - September 1

The water will fill him and he won't eat as much of that well needed formula or b___stmilk to grow. You might want to wait a month or two before you do that.


BBK ® © - September 1

monica we asked our pediatrician if we can give the baby herbal teas my mom brought from Germany and he said fine in small quant_ties. So we give her 2 oz in the early evening and it doesn't fill her up, on the contrary it aids her digestion (less throwing up). We started giving it to her since she was 10 days old, so check with his doc, but I a__sume H2O is fine in small quant_ties, just boil it first.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 1

Your baby doesnt need water until a year old. They do get full off of that and there is no calories or anything in water. My mom told me the same thing to rinse her mouth after formula, but our doctor told us to either leave it alone or wipe it with a damp cloth.


CEM - September 1

this is obviously not a very scientific answer, but i know if i were a little baby that couldn't talk, i would LOVE a little water now and then! just not too much, and make sure it's boiled ;-)


monica - September 1

the weather has been so hot here I thought the same thing that if I was a baby I would love a little water.


chelsey - September 1

my doctor told me that b___st milk or formula is all the baby needs. He said that they contain water anyways, and work just the same. However, as long as you weren't subst_tuting water for a bottle, I dont see any harm in giving it to your baby.


my opinion - September 2

I've only fed my son b___stmilk and he is doing just fine. I don't think that it will hurt them any if you give them water, but I would never give it to my son. (I don't drink much water myself, usually milk).



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