Water For Baby

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Jen - January 18

Does anyone give their baby water bottles in between feedings? Just cuerious...


mother777 - January 18

i would like to know the same thing. my baby is two weeks old.


lil babe - January 18

you shld only when they start solids. otherwise b___stmilk or fm is fine


lena - January 18

it's not necessary at all. there is no reason to introduce water until about a year old - until then they get enough thru formula/b___stmilk.


Kelly K - January 18

The only time my 9 week old daughter gets water is when she has the hiccups really bad and then it's only a teaspoon. My doctor said that giving a baby water before introducing solids causes their sodium level to drop too much.


Lillie E - January 18

when i was at the hospital the b___st feeding specialist said if they're b___st feeding they don't need water, but if you switch to formula then they do need water, i dont' know how much because i'm b___st feeding


FF - January 18

My doctor told me that they don't need water because they get enough through formula or b___stmilk. She did say that if they are constipated that an ounce of water might clear up the problem but other than that to just give them formula or b___stmilk.


Channy - January 18

Really? Thats weird..i give my daughter water when she was a week old. she was fine with it..of course i was nursing her up til 3 months..than she was on formula til 7 months, tried giving her water, she only drink half of a bottle..and now shes drinking homogenized milk and apple juice. doesnt seem like water much,


CEM - January 18

I just started giving my 6 month old a tiny bit of water after his solid meals because he seemed very thirsty! He would grunt and groan whenever I drank something so I couldn't not! I tend to be a thirsty person in general so I think he is too. I don't know if he needs it but he certainly likes it.


Toya - January 18

It's not necessary until a year old. My dr. said because babies don't run marathons...the water they get through formula or b___stmilk is enough even after they start solids, because even the solid foods contain a lot of water content. I figure that by a year of age, babies are walking and a lot more active than now and won't be drinking the formula anymore.


FF - January 18

Yup, she said that since there aren't any calories in water it will just fill that little tummy up but won't provide any nutrition, which made sense to me.


newmom - January 18

My son is 3m and still don't dink water, i tried my best to make him take some but he just never do, even his ped ask me to give him between feedings, but he is doing good his formula never makes him constipated..


amanda.d - January 18

I was just told today by my doctor that because my son is just wanting a slurp or two of formula after having ate (he's 3 months) that I should give him and ounce or two of bottled water. So I am gonna do that and he actually had an ounce already today. He likes it and it makes him happier so maybe he was just thirsty. I do know though that if your baby is b___st fed that b___stmilk is thinner and so your baby may not require water just yet. :)


karen - January 18

I am having trouble getting Kodi to drink water. I try to try a bit at a time


TC - January 19

I honestly don't think that a few sips won't hurt. I just started my son on solids and I put a little in his sippy cup so that he can get acquainted with it. Water tends to be an acquired taste and it is sometimes hard to get a toddler to drink it. Yes, I agree that it does not have any nutritional value, but having a few sips, IMO, is not going to make or break my babies belly.


Jbear - January 19

Before a baby is old enough for solids, you shouldn't give more than two ounces of water a day, not because of it not having any nutritional value, but because too much water could dilute the blood (it's what i read in what to expect the first year)


Zacks Mom - January 19

I come from Singapore and back then, all babies are adviced to give water in between every feeding (b___st or formula). Reason being it's a very hot country and water is important to prevent dehydration. But now I'm in the US, things work differently here. The doctor said that it's not necessary to give water because the baby will feel full from it and it is worthwhile giving him milk and all the nutrients that comes with it. He also said that this is not a hot climate and baby doesn't perspire. Giving water to a minimal is ok. I only give water if I need to give the baby gripe water or tylenol. But it's less than 1 oz.



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