Water In Ears

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CassJ - February 7

Tonight my son slid back in the tub and his ears went under the water. Since then he has been pulling at them. I have never let him get water in his ears before so this has me worried. Could he be getting an ear infection already or do you think that he just was water in his ears still that is bothering him? Thanks!


aurorabunny - February 8

You know what, this is a good question Ca__sJ. My ped told me that it was just fine to have my sons ears in the water during a bath and that in no way would that cause an ear infection, and I'm just wondering if it's true. I've been just laying him in the tub with his ears partly under since she said that, and we haven't had any problems, but when I tell people that they look at me like I'm crazy. Can anyone tell me if my ped is wrong????


Hana - February 8

My mother taught me to suck the water out of ds's ears and its something her mother and grandmother used to do after each bath whether or not you can visably see water. You just seal your lips around the ear and create a suction and just suck the water and spit it out lol i know it sounds really weird but it really works!


LollyM - February 8

Hana, do you put your mouth around the whole ear, or just the opening part? I'm curious about this! Does it hurt the baby at all? Sorry I don't have the answer ca__sj, but I always thought that water in the ears can cause infection... I'm not really sure about it though.


Hana - February 8

Lolly just the hole part or whatever give you suction you just need to experiement lol No it doesn't hurt ds at all, it does tickle him a little though:). I always manage to suck out water after a bath.


Rabbits07 - February 8

I've never refrained from getting water in my kids ears during a bath. I did read one time that you should tilt your child's head to let any excess run out and could even use a hair dryer on low to dry the ears....I don't know many babies that would stand for that though! I doubt he is getting an infection from it and especially that quick...it's probably just water in there tickling his ear.


sahmof3 - February 8

My mom used to use a dropper and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in our ear (with head tilted so it would stay in), leave it there for about 5 seconds and tilt the other way to let it run out. It gets the water out... BUT!!! I wouldn't do that with an infant w/out asking a ped first or trying to find a better way. It works well w/ older kids, though!



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