We Are Going To The ZOO Today

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luviduvi - March 13

It's saposed to be 80 degrees today and we are taking our dd and ds to the zoo and have a picnic in the park! YEAH!!! I love spring and you guys!!!!!!!!!


SonyaM - March 13

That sounds so nice. It's actually Spring Break here so as nice as that sounds everybody in town is at the zoo today. Have fun!!!!


eliz24 - March 13

That sounds like so much fun! hope ya guys have a good time : )


jwhite - March 13

hoe old do you think kids need to be to enjoy the zoo?? I really eant to take my dd, but she is only 7.5 months old, would she enjoy it??


Emily - March 13

hey luviduvi, going to the Saint Louis Zoo? We are planning on taking our dds to the zoo this summer. We live about two and a half hours away so we have to plan ahead and won't be able to pick a day when we know the weather is nice. Marcy will be 12 mos and Mary will be a month or two shy of 3 when we go. How old are your kids again? Just wondering how much Marcy will like it. I am pretty sure Mary will love it. Also I have a question if you don’t mind me asking. My parents are taking us. I know big of them since its free an all, but they will pay for gas down and the meals and snacks. Anyway they wanted to take us and we were planning on going anyway so it will nice. My mom however has a form of MD and can't walk well. She has a walker for shopping trips and whatnot but for all day at the zoo she is taking her wheelchair. We have a double stroller the side by side kind. We were thinking of taking it with us if it will fit in the back of their Ford Freestayle along with the wheelchair. Or do you think we shouldjsut wait and rent a stroller at the zoo. We will probably need two. Mary won't want to walk the whole time. Do you know the strollers at the zoo? Are they comfortable for a 12 month old who may want to nap? Our double folds up pretty small and I think it would fit in the car, but uit being a side by side it is kinda bulky when we are out. (My mother in law got it for us, I would rather have had a tandum…..) Any ideas or suggestions for our trip, things you have learned form yours would be great. Have fun!


Emily - March 13

jwhite, my dd is about 8 mos and loves to watch the dog and the squirels in the yard. How aware is your dd of the things around her? I think itf you picked a time when it was nice, not to hot or cold, and she was well rested, she woudl enjoy it....


K - March 13

jwhite, we took my dd for her first time last fall when she was 7 months old and she loved it! She liked watching all the kids more than the animals at that point. We just took her again at 12 months. She still loves it. This time she pointed at about every animal on four legs (rhino, elephant, grizzly bear) and yelled "dog". She still loves watching the kids running around as much, if not more, than looking at the animals. I think we will be spending a lot of time at the zoo!


jwhite - March 13

Well we have two cats and every time she sees them she goes towards them and gets excited, so maybe she will enjoy it.. Thank you!!


Nita_ - March 13

wow!! Enjoy! We don't have a zoo nearby but come spring we better head to the zoo! I think our dd will love it! or I sure hope so! We have an aquarium around, thinking of going there maybe she'll like that. How old is your dd luviduvi?


aurorabunny - March 13

Yay! Thanks for the good idea, I am wondering if our zoo is open yet. What beautiful weather, huh?


mcatherine - March 13

Hope you have fun. And to think I was excited because it is supposed to hit 55 today (and rain...) but I'll take it!!! I can't wait to go to the zoo!!!


EMBERBABY - March 13

Hope you have a great time and maybe you can share some pictures from your trip! I just found out that the local zoo has free admission for children 2 and under. I am hoping to take dd some time soon before it gets too hot.


luviduvi - March 13

Emily, Hey there! The STL zoo is great. My children are 5 mths and 2 yrs. My 2 yo dd loves the zoo b/c she knows all the animals. My 5 mtho loved it b/c the trees b__wing in the breeze (when we got him out of the infant seat). We have a double stroller. It was great but I advise to bring a snuggli of some sort with you to put baby in. The strollers there are nice. We have never rented one b4 but saw others with them and they seem to be okay. Another neat thing we saw were some folks had brought their wagons. A side by side stroller may not be a good idea. The zoo is a busy place and we saw many people w/ the side by side and my dh and I saw today that we would never want one b/c it was hard for some to get through crowded places, especially the houses, like the reptile house, primate house, bird house, and the penguin house. I am sorry to her about your mom or was it MIL, I can't remember. My mom has primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is starting to cause paralysis is her feet, hands, and mouth. It's so hard. I am glad you are including her. It's good for her and really good for your children. Take lots of pictures! The best thing about STL zoo is that it is in Forest Park. You can picnic there and not worry about the cost to eat inside the zoo. Today, we picniced in Forest Park at one of the picnic tables. If you need more info. google St. Louis Zoo.


Kara H. - March 13

I had read this thread this morning and thought it sounded like a great idea. It was nice today, but we already had plans so I thought we would go tomorrow. I really thought Max would enjoy it, since he goes completetly nuts over our cats and my parents BIG dog. But after today's trip to the our outside shopping center, he won't be going anywhere for a while. He was horrible! He wanted to sit up all the way and lean forward instead of being strapped in (still a little wobbly on his bum). He screached and screamed, and even yelled at strangers who tried to entertain him for me while I was paying for my items. I guess he's not quite ready yet for a big excursion. :(


Shannah - March 14

i had the same question i was wondering if my little one would enjoy it, he is 7 months. i am going to take him anyways, just curious. don't you just love when spring approaches. it was 75 here yesterday but it will be 30's and now again on the weekend, we still have another month of on and off weather.


luviduvi - March 14

Well, babies under the age of one are definetley not going to understand the zoo, however, they do like being outside and going for stroller rides. It gives mom and dad something to do. We started taking Grace at a young age but more for ourselves. The zoo is just a nice, cheap family affair not matter how old your lo's are. Grace started getting into the zoo at about 15 mths. Thing is, they can't see the animals while in the stroller most of the time. Really b/c of the protection walls and people. Grace is now 2 and had the best time. She knows all the animals and the sounds they make. Emily, like I had mentioned b4 my mom has Multiple Scleroisis. She has the kind that will never allow her to go into remission like Montel Williams and others you know w/ it that seem to be doing fine. MS is where the brain stops telling the nerves to work, therefor, lack of movement. My mom is really wobbley, she uses a cane sometimes. We know she will be in a wheelchair within the next two years. Her body is already starting to become paralyzed.


bbmax - March 14

You're so lucky. Over here in Toronto it's damp and rainy. I can't wait to use our season pa__ses. But the snow has to melt first!



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