We Have Stockers

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kellens mom - January 22

Okay, not really. A few months ago, I took dd shopping. I put her in the cart and was pushing her around when I noticed her staring over my shoulder. I kept on jabbering to her...but she kept on staring. Finally I said "what are you looking at?" - Only to have a little old lady say "she is looking at me while I admire her". Ever since then, we have women follow through aisles checking out my little angel. I catch more little old ladies admiring her. Dd is such a flirt. Something tells me that I will be a "baby admirer" when I get old too. I am glad we don't have any REAL stockers!


mandee25 - January 22

Cute story! I notice this too. I had my ds at the hospital with me while I got blood work and there were these 2 nice older ladies admiring him and asking questions. I really don't mind it. It's nice. lol


Erynn21 - January 22

I live in small town where my dh and I both grew up, so we know pretty much everyone and everybody saw me when I was pg. Well we went to dinner the other night and it was chaos everybody wanted to hold, and admire our dd, it was crazy and she turned on the charm x's 10. It's so funny, she just loves attention so much.


jenrodel - January 22

We live in a big city, so I'm used to people pushing past, no one smiles, no one pays much attention to you one way or another. On Saturday we went out with ds in his snuggly facing forward wearing his little bear suit. It was amazing. We got (I should say HE got ) the hugest grins and smiles and laughs from EVERYONE we pa__sed. All I could hear was "look how cute that baby is!" "Aww, he looks like a little teddy bear!". It was amazing to have everyone smile when your used to no one smiling lol! It was quite nice acutally.


ssmith - January 22

Me too......little old ladies and little old men LOVE my dd. They are always stopping us at the mall, grocery store, out for a walk.....everywhere we go, I seem to cross paths with the sweetest little old people who want to admire my daughter. It is really very nice! My dd is going to think she has about a hundred grandparents!!


kellens mom - January 22

Something inside of me slows down when older people admire. It is almost like I am showing her off more for their benefit then for mine (or dd's). I wonder if some of these older folks have family to fawn over. Some comment about grandbabies living far away... If dd brings a smile to an elderly person's face, then I really don't mind taking the time to let them "visit" with her. I wish it was that easy to make everyone in the world smile.


Kara H. - January 22

I have taken Max into the salon where I work for short visits since he was about 4wks old. He is very social and has no seperation anxiety at all. What I find funny is that he is so accustomed to people making over him, he just can't understand when someone ignores him. He will squeal and smile and wave his little arms trying to get there attention. Most of the time he will and get a smile out of them. But every now and then he will find someone who just refuses to look at him. He will work it hard for about 5 minutes trying to earn their affection. If he can't get it, he gets mad and cries. I think we are going to have a little entertainer on our hands.



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