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Nita_ - February 14

I br___tfeed my dd who is 7 months old. I want to do it as long as I can or if she starts to bite and I have no choice but to wean! But wanted to know from other bf'ing moms who had done it before, when did your baby wean off? Was it by choice or other reasons..like your milk dried up naturally? When do babies get what they need from other solid foods that they don't need your milk?


Nita_ - February 14

Just writing this made me think, oh no! I'm going to miss the few special moments I have with my dd!! I'm getting teary eyed just writing about it!


18wbabynov - February 14

ive been wondering about this too! im getting so scared that my milk will just dry up... it already seems to be less and my dd is only 3mos! i really want to be able to bfeed her until one year (or until she starts biting uncontrollably!). what have other people done? does the milk just stop after a few months for some?? im really scared of that!


Nita_ - February 14

oh i've wondered and was scared about my milk drying up too!! But luckily here I'm am, 7 months and still b___stfeeding! Thank god!


ssmith - February 14

My dd is 9.5 months, and we're still going strong. She only nurses about 4-5 times a day now though. I can tell that my milk production is slowing down, because I am never engorged anymore ~~ even in the morning! I will miss the closeness terribly too!! I am thinking that I might nurse until she's one, then just do morning and bedtime. She isn't a biter, even though she has 6 teeth. Breastfeeding certainly isn't the centre of her world like it used to be though, that's for sure!! If she nurses for 10 minutes.....that's a marathon! This, from a girl who used to hang on for like an hour at a time!


LisaB - February 14

I stopped nursing at 14.5 months I hadn't been feeling well and we were down to just nursing at night well I was feeling horrible so I put ds to bed w/o nursing and thats how we stopped. He didn't seem to notice one way or the other. I am still producing milk. Am waiting patiently to dry up (its been 2 weeks) anyway From all the moms I know who nurse they never dried up until they were done. You will contunie making milk but will lose alot of the feelings of engorgement and fullness then welcome the pancke b___bies!!


sahmof3 - February 14

I stopped at about 10 1/2 months with Nathan because he was trying to get down and walk around while still nursing. Not good lol. I still nursed him at night until 11 1/2 months. The very first night I did not nurse him to sleep is the first night he ever slept through w/out getting up at least 3-4 times!!!! If I'd have known that before..... Anyway, my dd was 8 months when I started trying to wean her and 9 months when she FINALLY took the bottle and I weaned her cold turkey because I didn't want her rejecting the bottle and having to go through the process all over again. Oh, I weaned her because I was pregnant again. I weaned my youngest at about 12 months (13 months if you count a bedtime nurse)... he was still doing well, but it was time to have my body back after over 3 straight years of nursing, being pregnant or BOTH.


C - February 14

When my son turned a year I started to slowly wean and we were done by about 14 months. I continued to do the a.m. feeding for awhile. He had no problem giving up the rest of the feedings. I just replaced them with a bottle. He had supplemented with a bottle anyway so that made it easier. I figured because I weaned so slow that I wouldn't have any pain. For about a week after I was still in pain. I think next time I will still b___st feed the last feeding every other day or something and then every third day. I couldn't believe it was still that painful to stop. The hardest part for my son was giving up the bottle. He was so attached to that thing. He now (21 months) calls his sippy cup "baba" and everytime he does people say - you still give him a bottle? Not that it's any of your business but no!


olivia - February 14

I stopped at 8 months. I was two months pregnant and had a low supply and dd want interested in working so hard for her milk! We were down to twice a day by that point because she was such a big eater (of solids). I got her on formula at that point and she took 2 bottles a day until she turned 1 and we started whole milk. I got lucky and my dd didn't get teeth until she was 10 months, so I never got a bite. Lets hope ds is the same!


Rabbits07 - February 14

All of my bf babies self weaned (I know...I am the luckiest mom alive!) With all except Mason it started at around 11 months...they just started nursing less and less and I noticed my supply was lessening. With Mason it was a little earlier but I think only because I was having to give him so much Pediasure...it is really sweet and I think he just decided it was better :-(



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