Weaning Baby Off Of Pacifer

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paci - August 31

my baby is about five weeks old. I wasn't too keen on the pacifer idea, but my mil helped out when the baby was born and got her used to the pacifer. now, she seems dependent on it. whether she is napping or crying, she has it. i try to soothe her by reading to her, singing, placing her in a sling or swing. when she gets tired of those things (which is really fast) the only thing that soothes her is that pacifer! of course we're giving in, and i hate to do this but we don't know what else to do. we're going to try to wean her off of it today, but alot of what i have been reading is mixing me up. on one hand, they say don't let her cry for too long, one says the pacifer is fine, another says don't let them use it out of habit, and so on and so on..... WHAT SHOULD WE DO???? is it ok to give the pacifer to her at this age or should we wean her off now???? i just wish i knew!! please help if you can.


MJM - August 31

Dont stress!! Babies need the extra sucking. Some babies will start to suck their thumbs if they dont have a pacifier. Just go with it. My daughter had hers pretty much right from the start and at 4or5 months she spit it out and couldn't care less. Dont worry about taking it away until 4-6 months.


lilmama - August 31

as long as she is off of it before her second birthday, there will be no long term damage to her teeth


Kathryn - September 2

My son loves his b___boo (pacifier). I feel if that's what gives him comfort, then I have no problem with giving it to him. You do what you feel is right for your baby.


karine - September 22

Let him be. Its a comfort thing. And in my opinion its better the pacifier then the thumb sucking. 2 of the kids that i babysite werent aloud the pacifiers. now they are over 2yrs old and they suck their thumbs (constantly) and their thuns is now irritated. And if not that they put EVERYTHING in their mouths. I let my daughter have her pacifier, she just loved it! and it soothed her and i think it helped her teething. I did take it away when she was 2...with only one day crying. My son coudnt careless about the pacifier LOL i say let it be LOL


Jessica - September 26

No worries! I am an orthodontist and from a tooth and jaw development standpoint... it is totally fine for your children to suck on pacifiers or their thumbs- up until the permanent teeth start eruptin- usually about the age of 6. If the habit continues after the perm teeth erupt, the jaw may be reshaped by the thumb so it is long and narrow. The upper teeth also start flaring. But this can all be corrected easily in 6-9 months. So don't worry!


OT 4 kids - October 9

I am a child development specialist, and I a__sure you, that a pacifier at this age is absolutely fine! Babies have a sucking reflex, and they need to suck in order to soothe themselves. A pacifier is a great way for your baby to soothe herself, without you constantly rocking, singing, etc., etc. We just weaned our 10 mo. old twins from their paci's this weekend, and they adjusted within 3 days. Their Dr. recommended getting rid of it before 12 mos. old. You and your baby could benefit from the pacifier at this early stage. Good luck!


mary - October 15

Throw out the pacifer cold turkey and deal with the crying for a week.


My answer - October 15

There was a new study that was published last week regarding SIDS and pacifier use. It said that babies should use pacifiers because it causes them to thrust their tongues forward and opens their airways while they sleep. I'm all for "binkies"!



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