Weaning From Pacifier

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amma2b - November 4

Hi everyone! my dd is 19 weeks old . she was colicky when she was little and the pacifier came to our rescue. But now, she is so dependent on pacifier during nap and bedtime(and thats the only time i give the paci). She wakes up several times looking for it at night. We started cosleeping just becoz i wasn;t getting any sleep at night as i spent most of the time walking to her crib to put it back on. She even wakes up at naptime. It really makes hard on me as i cannot get anything done. I know its common issue but i decided to wean her off of it. I am just wondering if anyone went cold turkey when their child was this young. what can i do to make it less hard on my baby. I was thinking of giving her the bottle...but then again i am afraid that i am gonna overfeed her. Any suggestions would be of great help. i need my sleep and sanity


mjvdec01 - November 4

Honestly, there is no need to wean her from the pacifier. Pediatricians recommend you wean by 18 MONTHS. Paci dependency at 19 weeks, or even a year is perfectly healthy. It is a source of comfort for her, and a tool for you to help her feel secure and learn to self soothe. There is nothing wrong with it at all. Our daughter, who will be three in February, was weaned off the paci at 12 months, and the bottle at 14 months. We also have a son who will be 4 months on the 17th. He uses a paci to self soothe. I give it too him when he is really tired and fussing. If you give her a bottle in place of the paci, she will either eat when she doesn't want or need it for the comfort, or she will get really upset and spit it out. Let her keep it and try to relax a bit. It really isn't going to do any harm. There is also a chance that if you take the paci away that she may become a thumb sucker instead. You really don't want that, and it is a very hard habbit to break that usually takes a couple of years. No one wants to see a two and a half year old with her thumb in her mouth. Take it easy and let her have the pacifier. I am sure you are a wonderful mother. I hope I helped.


amma2b - November 4

Thanks for your response. My niece was the same and she was weaned when she was 12 months with my mom's help. Now my mom and sis thinks that its easy to wean when they are so young because they haven't learnt to ask for it specifically. Honestly speaking i am not sure if i want to wean her so early. Its just that i get so tired and depressed when i don't get enough sleep. Do they ever learn to find the binky on their own??? my niece never did. hmmm..i guess i will wait and see how things go. She does suck on her fore and middle finger when she is bored. Thanks again.


sarah21 - November 4

Babies have a natural need to suck. I am in the same boat as you, DD wakes up several times a night for her pacifier and it's getting old but I just remind myself that this will end eventually and it's best for her. We coslept until she was 6 months because of the same reason but she switched over to the crib fairly easily I just wish she'd be able to find that darn pacifier for herself!! That's another thing, at some point she will be able to find it for herself and you won't have to go in there all the time. Good luck and take heart, it will get better!


Sims1 - November 5

My son was the same, i was waking up ever ten minutes giving him the paci it was so exhausting lasted almost a month and then it stopped. it'll pa__s trust me. also try upping his food might be that he's trying to tell you something. i know my son was, i started feeding him more and he stopped waking up....i know how exhausting it was and co slept for a couple weeks as well, and then one day it was gone, same time that i uped his cereal at night....


smmom2 - November 8

I have 3 kids...7, 2 and 12 weeks. They all used a paci. I let them have it until they were 2..as most dr's will tell you they can have it till then and doesnt do any harm orthodontically. Also they help reduce the risk of sids. Anyways, my oldest never woke to find hers...atleast I dont really remember getting up to find it. My two yr old woke up atleast once every night ( after we took the breathable bumper off) cause she would drop it out of the bed. As for weaning..I have just taken it away and not given it back....give them something to replace it like a bear, my oldest had to sleep with a sippy cup of water. That was hard to break as well. I suggest something like a baby, or bear.



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