Weaning From The Bottle

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MJM - February 28

I wish they had a toddler section, maybe they do and I didn't see it. My DS is almost 14 months. He goes all day with not bottle at his preschool. And on the weekends the same. But his bottle before bed is the hardest thing to get him off. Do any of you have any suggestions or should I just let him cry it out. I offer the sippy before bed and he just pushes or throws it, then turns away and starts screaming and crying. My dd is 6 yrs old and when I decided no bottle she was fine with it. He spit his pacifier out at 6 weeks and never took it again. So that is a good thing. He just loves that night time bottle. I know I shouldn't stress too much about it he is only 14 months. But I do want to break this already. Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance.


Heather F - February 28

why specifically do you want to take it away?


melissa g. - February 28

my ped said not to worry about until age 2, and i personally know several people who have 2 yr olds who still get a night night bottle.


Shea - February 28

I am still giving my 13 month ds 3 bottles a day, morning, nap & bedtime. He gets up (for the day) at about 5:30am, way before breakfast, and he is super cranky - will not take the sippy cup, only the bottle. He also will not nap or go to bed w/o one, so we are stuck for now. I am working on the am bottle, offering the sippy cup first, but I'm really not convinced that it's so terrible if it takes longer to get off bottles.


Erin1979 - February 28

My ped told me between 18 months-2 years...dd won't have it right now, but we are going through the same thing....good luck. Let me know if you find something that works!!


Nerdy Girl - February 28

My 15 month old still takes 2 bottles a day (nap and bedtime) and this is stressing me out too. I tried not giving him the nap bottle today, and it was a disaster.


MJM - March 1

Don't take this the wrong way but I feel 2 is a little old for a bottle. My dd was weaned by 14-15 months. He doesn't want the bottle until bed time. Not naps only the night time bed time. So I think what I may start doing is putting less milk in the bottle every night until no more and then if he wants more maybe just water. I no longer see a ped. I go to a family physician. I just personally dont like peds. My old one told me to wait until my son was 9 months before feeding him cereal. She freaked out on me when I told her that my ds started cereal at 3 months. Very liquidy of course. Anyway, I guess I will just keep trying different things. ERIN1979 i will let you know how things go. My goal right now is in 1-2 weeks no more bottle. I guess I should be greatful that he only has one a day!!!!! He does love his sippy, just not at night LOL


mrsfiveday - March 3

Have you tried the Nuby 3 stage sippy cup. It comes with a regular nipple and a sippy shaped no spill nipple. My son is 8 months and has been using it for awhile already.



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