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J - November 21

I just wanted to say that I have been coming on this site since I was in my first trimester and now have a 5 week old. Though most of you are nice women there are some really nasty people as well. I just came from the PPD forum just to read and see if I could contribute because I suffered this really bad with my first child. There are some really mean and nasty people there. I just can't believe that when people are looking for advice and support some people can just really shoot you down.


TC - November 21

I agree with you J. Sometimes I wonder, though, if some of these people post under different names to play devil's advocate. But one thing for sure if you are on a anomynous forum you have to deal with idiots.


d - November 22

What does PPD forum stand for? What site are you talking about? What topics are you refering to?


To d - November 22

Post Partum Depression


Ooops - November 22

I think I spelt that wrong


d - November 22

I went to PPD site and I understand what your talking about now. I made a huge response to it. I hope it will bring some insight to women's issues such as our role and ident_ty in relation to the --------responsiblity of the traditional domestic female world v.s the male world(public working). I love feminist issues which I minored in it in University. So please come back if you left from frustration and lets talk about depression if you want. Don't get discouraged from rude comments.


lol - November 22

I have been over there too! That Lisa person is a real piece of work!


d - November 22



J - November 22

I just went and read thanks D. You are right Lisa is a real piece of work. I just can't believe how mean people can be. Since when did she receive her medical degree? Women's roles have changed in this country dramatically. Seems we have alot in common. I studied Women's studies but graduated with a Psychology degree I am working on my master's but just had a baby so I am taking time off. Have you read The Mommy Myth, Misconceptions or The B___h in the House? They are all great books that touch on these issues. I laugh every time I am given a dirty look by an older lady in the store when my kids are crying or misbehaving - they seem to always give you a dirty look like I don't know what I am doing. The thing is when she had her kids people weren't as mobile - there was no Target and some women didn't even drive. Things are more difficult today my mom had my mom helping her every step of the way. I don't have any help because my mom still has to work!


A - November 22



d - November 23

J, with the Master what do you plan to do after with it ? Also any ideas on how to help my friends anyone?


J - November 24

I plan on couseling or teaching. It sounds to be like your friend's marriage is pretty much over if she is to the point that she doesn't care if he kills himself. Have they had any marriage counseling? It sounds to me like she is filling a void by shopping and spending his money? Did they ever have a good marriage?


d - November 25

Yes they did. I took counselling two years ago. If I had to do it all over again I would do that. But anyways I'm leaving the site. Nice to meet you. Good luck in your studies.



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