Website Address To Order Gripe Water

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Fabienne - October 27

Here it is :)


monica - October 27

fabienne I believe you mentioned you were in california?? if so I live in california too and I was able to buy gripe water at the local baby store $12 a bottle but at least no shipping cost.


chelsey - October 27

$12 a bottle? Ouch! I bought a big bottle here in Calgary for $3.


monica - October 27

yikes!!!! how many oz for $3...I got 4 oz for $12


chelsey - October 27

let me check! brb....


chelsey - October 27

250 ml, sooooo.....just over 4 oz.


chelsey - October 27

nope I'm wrong, isnt that 8 oz?


monica - October 27

if I am correct 120 ml is 4 0z


chelsey - October 27

yeah, so I guess it is inbetween 8 and 9 oz. Pretty good deal, eh? wonder why it is so expensive where you live?


monica to shelly - October 27

I have no idea and its made here in california....i thought it was imported. At this point it might be less expensive to order on line and pay the shipping...if it cost $3


monica - October 27

didnt mean to shelly...sorry.


chelsey - October 27

Did you look at the site? Its $11.50 for a 4oz bottle. More with shipping costs.


Kathryn - October 27

i have a local Kroger grocery store her in Cincy that sells it for a few dollars. I've also seen it at Babies-R-Us.


Katie - October 27

What is gripe water????????


BBK ® © - October 28

Katie gripe water is basically an herbal concentrate with extracts from herbs that relief digestive problems. Its especially formulated for infants, and quite popular in the UK and Europe in general.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 28

Would gripe water be the same as Tummy Soother that I found at Wal Mart that has ginger, chamomile and fennel? I got a bottle, not sure how much for only a couple dollars?


K - November 10

I reccomend Babys Bliss it's a bit expensive but works great for my daughter. It is a little expensive about $13.00 a bottle but well worth it when your babys happy. Also check the brands your buying for alcohol that is the main reason we use the Babys Bliss because it dosen't have alcohol in it.



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