Weepy Eyes On Newborn

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bean - May 18

My 9-day old has really weepy eyes. Last night her left eye was glued shut and I had to pry it open while washing the gunk out. Her eyes are not red or swollen, just weepy. I'd just like confirmation that this is normal. Thx!


HANNAHs Mom - May 18

Sounds normal. My daughter also had a blocked tear duct as a newborn. Ma__saging around the eye area daily with your finger should help clear it up. I also applied a bit of b___stmilk to the eye area (if you are b___stfeeding).


YC - May 18

My daughter's eyes were like that. Not to the point of having to pry them open but very weapy. My ped said that new babies do this and to get a warm wash cloth and open the eye while wiping out the gunk just like you did. It sounds normal but dont hate to hesitate to call the ped and ask if you want. I know hearing it from the ped always makes me feel better. I am such a worry wart LOL!!! Congrats on the new baby!!!


pbj - May 18

Yes, it does sound like a clogged tear duct. Your ped can give you instructions on how to ma__sage the duct so it eventually clears. I have heard that putting b___stmilk on it does work too. I don't know if it totally clears it up though.


bean - May 18

Thanks ladies!


SonyaM - May 18

My oldest son had this for nearly a year. YUCK! It is gross and annoying for everyone, but harmless. Although my friends son did get a secondary infection from it somehow and had to have eye drops so watch for that.


J.J. - May 18

Yup, my son has had the same problem (at their worst, stuck shut). Pediatrician said it can continue up to yr in age; she gave us a prescription ointment for flareups, which is a pain to administer, but does help.


Rabbits07 - May 18

With a clear discharge it is probably only a clogged duct and the ma__saging mentioned (working from outer eye inwards) will help. DS had this, too. Pedi said if discharge became yellow to let them know as that would indicate an eye infectin for which he would prescribe an ointment.


Jamie - May 19

My daughter had a green discharge...I just made sure to wipe the eye clean regularly, and it cleared up by itself.



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