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snowbaby - November 6

Girls, so sorry i dunno where else to post this. i am not br___t feeding any more and my dd is now 11 months. post pregnancy i was 63kg and now i am a big fat 65kg. Any one successfully lost weight after pregnancy with diet only???


MelissaK - November 6

I dropped to my pre-pregnancy weight within six weeks. Mostly due to jogging with the baby when pregnant and then starting again when she was 3 weeks old. I just watched what I ate I guess. Portion control, portion control is really the key...


excited2bemama - November 6

it can take a while to lose the weight- MY lo is 5 months and I am still b___stfeeding The weight is coming off but slowely.. I still have 12 lbs to go. I would just keep up the exercise and eat healthy and not in excess.


lin7604 - November 6

my ds is 12 months now and i still have a few to go. After i had him i was back to my pre pregnancy weight after 6 weeks too, i did nothing, it just came off. I wasn't b___st feeding either, ithough WOW it can't get any easier then that. Before my ds was 3 months we went away on a winter holiday and i was back in my bikini! Now it just seems to creep on me, i don't know why. i haven't changed anything, but i go 10 lbs back on me!!!! I am trying to eat smaller portions and no eating after 8pm. I just don't know what went wrong and why it is on me now? I never wanted to see my weight at this, especially after i had lost it all.


Gretta - November 6

I feel like a big fatty this week too because I am still b___stfeeding and my dd is 8 months and I am just always hungry!!! I told myself that starting this week I am going to eat half portions of what i normally eat LOL wish me luck!


Cathy2 - November 7

Oh no Gretta! If your hungry, eat! Think of how much milk your body is producing for an 8 month old! Don't worry about your body now, it needs good food to produce good milk ; ) I am alos bfeeding and although my baby is only 7 weeks old I get frusterated sometimes too! I still have 40 more pounds to loose and I haven't lost a pound in 5 weeks! (I gained 60 during my pregnancy) I do not eat junk food, and really, I have to make my self eat enough each day and I speed walk an hour each day! But I constantly remind myself that my body needs a fat reserve and good wholesome food each day to produce plenty of milk. Hang in there, it'll come off once bfeeding is over!


kimberly - November 7

I can totally understand. My dd is only 11 weeks, but I gained 40 lbs, with her and I still have a good 20 lbs. to lose. I feel huge too. I can't fit into any of my jeans. She was my third but I have never been in this size ever! I just started to work out some this week, so wish me luck that it will help. Best thing you can do is eat healthy and count fat and calories. Doing sit ups and maybe taking a 30 min. walk everyday would help. If you can afford it weight watchers or Jenny Craig are good.


britt_m - November 8

I guess I was lucky I was back within a week and am now 14lbs lighter! 134 lbs prepreg. to 152 lbs preg to 120 lbs now. I eat great and b___stfeed, my lo is 5 1/2 months. I agree eat healthy but don't overdo your portions. I eat anything and everything just in moderation.


lin7604 - November 9

i wished exercise would of helped me, but we were walking 3-4 times a day and about 1 hr each time and no difference. NOww it's getting too cold here but it's been 7.5 months since i started the walking and not 1 lb difference.


Terio - November 10

I'm sitting here reading this and I look like a big fat heifer hovering over my laptop. I'm on one of those that lost a bunch quickly and had this delusional idea that I would effortlessly breeze through losing it all. Well, that didn't happen. The last ten are just sitting on me. People think I lost it all, but it's like this big con I'm pulling off - because it's just what I'm wearing (which is the same d__n three outfits strategically rotated, uggh!). I actually wonder if I'm one of those freakazoids from the Discovery channel that they discover 20 years later still has another baby left in them. I was at Panera with a friend this week (stuffing my face, of course) and she said she couldn't believe how much I'm starting to resemble my grandmother -- what?!?! Ok, that's it - this weight has gotta come off. I went to the grocery store tonight and tomorrow I'm starting back full-force on my low carb diet. Now that I've put it in writing.. maybe I'll be more likely to stick with it - That, and the visual of my pear-shaped grandmother (god rest her soul!).


cattac - November 10

I'm pregnant with my third. With my first two (sons) I gained a LOT of weight mostly becuase I did not want to exercise and because I only wanted to eat badly. With my first pregnancy I gained probably 60-70 lbs and with my second around 50-60. With both I lost 30 lbs the first week (baby, placenta, water, etc). With my first I had him in October, didn't start making an effort to lose weight until March and was down to prepregnancy weight in August. The effort consisted of walking and running and eating healthy (I agree about the portion control). With my second I also had in October, started making an effort to lose weight in January and was down below prepregnancy weight in May (and I was smaller prepregnancy with my second). This time I was 115 and running 6-7 miles a day when I got pregnant. I've already gained a lot...but it's because again I dont feel like exercising and only want to eat badly. I think if you exercise and try to eat healthy (including portion control) you will be fine. At least for me that's what works. I dont understand how people out there only gain 25 lbs when pregnant! I just can't do it...I'm in my 21st week and already gained 25. It's so depressing!



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