Weight Gain After Birth

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Gem - January 15

Hi I was just wandering how much weight you all had gained or lost shortly after giving birth and how long it took you to get back to normal if you ever did.


HEATHER - January 15

well ive done the rollarcoaster thing so far. after birth within a week I lost 22lbs by my 6 week check up I had lost all my preg weight 43lbs, but I had gained 30ish prior. So I still had 30 to go, but I had gained 10 by the time she was 4 months and now Im doing weight watchers and lost a bit so still got a long ways to go. I want to be down to 130ish by april, but that d__n sweet food just happens to do me in all the time! I am almost 5'9"


Christy - January 15

I gained over 50 lb. Not sure on the exact number b/c my labor was a little unexpected and I didn't weight myself before I left for the hospital. I think I lost close to 15 with/after the birth. I am 10 weeks pp now and have lost a total of about 35 or so lb and have around 13 lb to lose to reach prepreggo weight. I am bf, so I don't think the last 5 or so pounds will come off until we are through bf.


Christy - January 15

Short answer to your question: 142 lb = prepreggo, 192 lb = pregnancy max, 156 lb = 10 weeks pp/now. I am 5' 9".


Shannon - January 15

i gained about 55lbs and i still have 30ish to go before i'm back to my pre-preg weight but i'm shotting for 5 under that.


Jamie - January 15

I was 105 pre pregnancy, 180 the day I delivered, and now am stuck around 145 5 months post. I'm trying to get to 125.


Jamie - January 15

oh yah - I'm 5'3.


FF - January 15

I gained a little over 20 lbs while pregnant, lost it all plus a couple of lbs by 8 weeks post partum, and now have gained back some over the holidays :( My son is five and a half months.


Kathryn - January 15

I just now got back down to 115. It took me seven months. I still have toning work to do.


jg - January 15

I put on about 25 kgs, lost only about 10kgs by five months, and in the last couple of months lost another 10kgs, so I've still got a bit to go. I reckon my weight pretty much stayed the same from leaving hospital to five months, and I'd probably be there still if I wasn't walking every single day!!


newmom - January 15

I lost my 18lbs that i gained during my pregnancy right away after giving birth and i'm loosing since then..I started wearing my pre-pregnancy cloths 2 weeks after giving birth and now it has been 3m..


sugar+spice - January 15

ha, you just had to ask... well pre-pregnancy weight i was at 118, and i got up to or a little over 167lb. near the end of my pregnancy. now i weigh 140 lb. and it doesnt seem like its budging. boo hoo....


sugar+spice - January 15

to new mom.. your sooo lucky you could fit into your jeans 2 weeks after! oh, my god! i cant even get my jeans over my d__n thighs! but you didnt say how much you weighed.......


Kristina - January 16

I was 115lbs prepregnancy...gained 15 lbs..and when Tasia was 8 days old I had lost 18 lbs!! I think I am gaining weight again now though, I am b___stfeeding and eat alot! Oh and I am 5"4


Kristina - January 16

Oh as for clothing...I still fit into most of my regular clothes till the day I delivered! Except for some of my shirts of course =)


Christy - January 16

HELLO- I don't think losing 35 out of 50 lbs in 10 weeks is doing too badly considering that it took nine months to put on. And how do you know whether I am exercising or not? Most people who know me think that I am back to my prepregnancy weight. Don't I wish. . . but it is nice to hear that others think I look good.


CEM - January 16

Before I got pregnant with my last I was about 140 lbs., 180 lbs. before delivery and I think I'm down to 130 lbs. now. I'm normally about 125 lbs., and 5'6". My baby is 6 and-a-half months and it has taken me the whole time to lose the weight. But I still have an annoying, saggy belly with stretch marks all over it! It'll probably never go away, but my boys were all big at birth (9.5 to 11.5 lbs.!!).



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