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bubbasmom - July 30

I wasn't sure where to ask this, so I thought I would try here. I just had a baby 5 days ago. I gained 40 pounds and my son wieght 8.8 lbs. So, when weighing myself at home, I expected to have lost 15-20 pounds from the pregnancy. But, I had only lost 6 pounds! How is that possible when my son weight over 8? Is it water weight? Has this happened to anyone else? I really don't feel like I'm carrying 34 extra pounds but am really stressed about how to lose all this weight. I thought I'd only have to really lose about 20 pounds. This is my second child and with my first, I lost 25 pounds immediately.


ACG - July 30

I gained 30 lbs with my son. I lost only about 10 of it immediately. It took another month for the next 10. Then, I had to get back to exercising to lose the last bit, which I'm still not done with yet and he's 5 months old. Just be patient and eat well. Gotta go - he's awake!


krissy2006 - July 30

Did you have a v____al or a cesarean? Did you have an IV? During a normal hospital/birth center birth (especially if its going to be a cesarean) they will pump you full of fluids to keep you hydrated in case of an emergency. These fluids can remain in your system and keep you a good 10-20 lbs heavier for up to 4 weeks post partum. This doesn't include normal post partum swelling as well as the swelling achieved during pregnancy. I gained 80+ lbs my pregnancy and have now lost 60 of it in less than 8 weeks. My daughter was 8.8. So everyone and every pregnancy is different. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated (lots and lots of water), finish any prenatal pills you have especially if they were fortified with iron to keep your levels good (especially if you are b___stfeeding) and as ACG said, eat healthy and remain as active as possible and that weight should come off quickly (especially if its water weight) GL!


bubbasmom - July 30

Thank you both for your responses. I had a v____al birth. I did have an iv for my epidural but not for more than 4 hours. I'm really hoping its water weight because otherwise I am getting really discouraged. I broke down and cried this morning and my hubby said we would exercise together and eat healthy together, so that should help. Still, I only expected to have to lose 15-20 pounds. I still can't get over that my son was 8.8 and all I lost was 6 pounds!


Crystal83 - July 30

Sometimes an epidural can make you retain water for up to 2 weeks after giving birth. I did with my first birth. I gained 60 lbs lost 17 lbs right after giving birth and then didn't lose any for about 10 days. Then 30 lbs came off within a month. I'm 11 months postpartum now with my 3rd and I still have 25 lbs to lose from gaining 50 lbs......can't wait to go back to work! It gets harder to lose the weight with each pregnancy for me.


DDT - July 30

I have had 2 v____al births/epidurals with both. Both were 7.5 lb babies. I gained 35lbs with ds1 and 20lbs with ds2. With both I had lost 20lbs by my 6wk checkup. Give your body some time and I am sure the lbs will start coming off quickly...especially if you BF.


zaaramybaby - July 31

Bubbasmom:You should be fine.....Its just the water....I put on 60 lbs while pregnent....i know its a lot....8 months post delivery I lost 43 lbs.....I donno when would I loose the remaining...Im being hopeful...


fefer1 - July 31

well if it makes you feel any better - I gained over 60 pounds and have lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks. I still have 25 to go - which is really depressing. I can't fit in my old clothes so am in maternity (pants). It sucks. I want to cry every day I get up and put on my clothes. It will come off though - keep at it. I gained 60 with my dd and had just gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight one year after her birth - and got pregnant with the second. So...it will come off. Hang in there!


mjvdec01 - July 31

Our litlle boy is two weeks old today and I have lost 18 pounds so far.


preggosauce - August 1

Hey bubbasmom- I'm in the same boat you are. I had my daughter this past Sunday and when I got home and stepped on the scale I had actually GAINED weight. It HAS to be water weight. I didn't swell my whole pregnancy...but now, sometimes I can bearly see my ankles. I too had a v____al birth. I was on pitocen, Iv fluids, and I had the epidural. I remember this happened with my first child too. Give it about two weeks..you should see a signifcant drop by then.



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