Weight Mine Amp Breastfeeding

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ssmith - February 23

For those of you who are br___tfeeding, did anyone find that they are thinner now than before getting pregnant? I am definitely thinner now than before getting pregnant (which is awesome!). I am just wondering what happens when you stop br___tfeeding? Will my weight go back up to pre-preg weight? I would seriously love to br___tfeed forever, if it keeps me this thin! However, not really realistic LOL


EricaG - February 23

I am thinner now that before I was pregnant (55 lbs thinner!) Wether we go back up to our prepreg weight after b___stfeedin depends on the indiviual. The reason that you are thinner now is because you can eat the same amount of calories as before, only now about 500 of them are going to the baby, not your hips! If you keep eating the same amount of calories that you are now, when you stop breatfeeding, then you will start to gain weight again. If you cut down on the amount of calories you are taking in to properly maintain your weight then you will not gain.


Lchan - February 23

You are so lucky! I'm having the opposite problem. I'm actually heavier than I was before becoming pg because I'm starving all the time. I never was a big eater before and now I think about my food all day long. Food! Yum! Hungry! Got to eat! Pretty much sums up my day. I tried weight watchers a few months ago but my milk production cut dramatically so I had to stop. Is it abnormal to be this hungry all the time?


Marlyn - February 23

I have also noticed that I have been gaining weight since I started b___stfeeding...hungry all the time! And being in the house all the time since it has been so cold out lately has not helped! So frustrating....


Pea Pod - February 23

For those of you who are thinner, just curious how long you have been b___stfeeding. I have 30 pounds to lose just to get to my prepregnancy weight. I had my baby 5 weeks ago, lost the initial 20 pounds of baby and fluids and stuff, and haven't lost anything since. Just kinda wondering when the weight loss really starts happening. I will admit that while I've been exercising, I've still been eating like a preggo most days, so that surely has something to do with it!


EricaG - February 23

Pea Pod, Well, I weighed the same prepregnancy as I did the day before I delivered, 182.5 lbs to be exact (lowfat diet because of gallstones) In the first 3 weeks after delivery I lost 30.5 lbs (but I was very sick and actually went days without eating because I was in a lot of pain) I stayed at 152 for about 3 months after having my baby and then decided to start controlling what I was eatinf and make a conscious effort to lose weight (safely). It has been 4 months since I started that and I have lost about 24.5 more lbs. My baby is now 7 months old. I've heard that women who b___stfeed generally lose the most weight when their baby is between 3-6 months old because that is when they are taking in the most milk. after 6 months they usually demand a little less because solid foods are introduced.


bradylove - February 23

at least 4 of my b___stfeeding friends, including myself have all gained some weight back after weaning. Your body has to readjust how many calories in processes. It hasn't been a huge amount, at most 8lbs.



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