Weight Watchers

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jodie - September 28

Has anyone here joined weight watchers and had success??? I am going to my first meeting tomorrow and I am really excited for some reason. I was just curious to see if anyone else has/is using weight watchers to lose weight.


kim00 - September 29

I was part of ww before I got married, 5 yrs ago. I lost 50 lbs on it. I have tried alot of the diets out there and I really liked ww. I kept the weight off until I got pregnant with my first. I hope you like it and it works for you. GL.


jen327 - September 29

I just started yesterday. I am doing online and meetings. I need to lose weight desperately.


suze42 - September 29

ive done it w/success also...i only had about 10lbs to lose...but it was that last stubborn lbs that you just cant budge...WW got me down 7lbs of it...I highly recommend signing up online...their food and weight tracker, points calculator and recipe builder are excellent tools. If i dont track the points daily then i cheat.


Val - September 29

Jodie - I did it about a year and a half ago and lost 12 lbs in about 14 weeks. I found the meetings to be helpful, mainly for the weigh-in (having someone else see your weight loss each week is very encouraging!) I think I worked out twice a week while I was doing it. Good luck!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 29

isn't it expensive for meals though?


DB - September 30

I did ww-online....the points program for Nursing Mothers...I lost roughly 15 pounds or so while on it...in maybe 3 months. It's great...I know a lot of people who've had a lot of success with it!


jodsil - September 30

I'm having a really hard time losing weight, the problem being is that I like food too much. I bought the Weight Watchers "Smart Ones" meals to eat for lunch and have a drink of Green Plus Nutrilean for breakfast. I hope you have luck with Weight Watchers, I like the Smart Ones food, it's tasty. I know my sister did it and lost weight but she gained it all back soon after.


pregnantjackie - September 30

My Mom is always on some sort of diet, she said the only one that ever worked for her is the atkins diet. I know it's pretty controversial though...


slackette - October 1

I did WW before I got married and lost 30lb. I also did atkins/south beach right after to lose an additional 20lb before the wedding. After I got married I gained the 20lb back and the only weight that really stayed off was the weight I lost from WW. I loved the program and go back to it any time I need to jump start myself into losing weight again. GL!!


jodie - October 1

Thanks ladies! I signed up online yesterday and I plan on going to my first meeting next weekend. I started tracking my points already. Seems fun so far!!


suze42 - October 1

WW is basically sensible eating...there is NO fads or gimmicks or "extra costs'... if you count your points , exercise..you lose... It is the best way to eat..period. yuou just have to be honest w/yourself...and you will lose.


jodie - October 2

I'm excited because I get a few extra points because I b___stfeed...hahaha. I haven't been to a meeting before...do they explain more about the points you earn when you excercise and stuff??


Val - October 2

Nerdygirl- I didn't buy the WW food... I thought it had too many ingredients that I don't want to eat (corn syrup, preservatives, etc.) I just ate my own whole foods and counted up the points.



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