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JEN - July 14

Hey ladies! It seems that many of us are following the weight watchers plan to get rid of this baby weight, so I thought I would pass on this website: www.dwlz.com It is called Dottie's weight loss zone and it is WONDERFUL! There are lists of food/points, receipes, chat rooms, etc. there to help along the way! Is anyone interested in forming a little support group? This is my info: Height 5'4" current weight 121 goal weight 112-115 goal date September 24 (my 2 year wedding anniversary). Anyone else?


sapna - July 14

JEN - dwlz.com doesn't work. i would love to form a support group. well, heres my info - height 5'3, current weight 123, goal weight 110lbs.


cae - July 14

Good Idea. Weight 120lbs, height 5'2", I want to lose 10lbs. These last 10lbs have been very, very hard to lose!


mommie2b - July 14

I am 5'2 and weigh 172 and my goal weight is 105. I am soooo fat I know it.


JEN - July 14

K-so sorry guys! I'm not sure what is wrong with the website, but I have used it for tha past 2 years (it is saved in my favorites), but that is definitely the address. Maybe it is just down...??? I was just there before I posted this, so I'm not sure- maybe just keep trying.


JEN - July 14

mommie2b- give yourself a break girl! Remember why you gained this weight- to support the health of your baby. I am a FIRM believer that your body gains what it needs to sustain pregnancy. can't tell you how many times my doc got on me about how much I gained- she thought a total of 18-20lbs was perfect, but I ended up at 30. The funny thing is that no matter what I did, I could not control my weight. One month I would gain 5lbs, the next month I lost 1lb. One month (near the beginning) I gained 8lbs! My point is that no matter what, it is worth it...we let out babies tear up our bodies (literally) and then we have to put them back together. Think of it as an intro. to motherhood LOL! Anyway, I will be here to cheer you on- see ya at 105 hot mamma!


SonyaM - July 14

I am 5'6" and 174 ish.....sigh.....I am considering joining weight watchers (again-with my dh) in hopes of loosing 30-40 pounds. I had joined weight watchers in 2000 and lost 14 pounds getting down to 134. It was great and then I got pregnant and thought I could eat anything I wanted. Boy was I wrong. I am also considering joining Curves. We'll see what happens.


JEN - July 15

FYI- the website is back up and running! Check it out...



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