Weird Clear Jelly Like Discharge In My Newborn S Diaper

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Missy115 - February 3

I have a baby girl who is 11 days old and just yesterday and today I noticed that when I open her diaper up to change her, she has this weird discharge on her va___al looks like small pieces of clear jello....actually it looks almost like small pieces of broken glass....but it has a jelly consistancy...what the heck is this stuff???? I do not remember my first daughter having this normal or should I take her to the Emergency Room or what? It doesn't seem like it is causing her any discomfort or is just scaring me anyone have this with their babies? please if you know what this is can you let me know??? Thank you!


flower.momma - February 3

It is totally normal, and has to do w/ your hormones being pa__sed to her. Also, it could be the inside of her diaper coming out. This has happened to me before with some diapers that got too full overnight. To test, just rip out a small piece of the diaper, and add water. If it looks the same, that's probably all it is. If not, my dd was born with swollen "b___sts" and some clear/white discharge in her diaper. Perfectly nromal. Some baby girls even experience a small "period" after being born.


EricaLynn - February 3

My daughter had an actual period after being born. She bled for about 10 days or so. I must have had alot of rushing hormones!


charliepaulchloe - February 3

totally normal, i have 2 girls, 7 and 13weeks, both had mini periods. my SIL only has a boy and freaked out when she saw that kiera had had a period lol


Erynn21 - February 3

It sounds pretty normal to me, it is dues to your hormones and it happens. My dd had a mini period also and had milk coming out of her b___sts for almost a month. As my doc said it just shows she a girl and has a uterus and it works. It weird, but true.


ssmith - February 3

It might have been the gel-stuff from the inside of the diaper.....? I know that whatever is inside the diaper turns into clear jello stuff when it gets wet..... just a thought.


bekysu - February 3

It's just the gel from the diaper. I wouldn't worry about it. :<)



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