Weird Phobias

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Deirdra - February 16

Everyone has been starting these little fun threads so i decided to start one of my own...what are your weird phobias...? Mine is so silly...I can buckle the button in my pants because i feel to


Deirdra - February 16



piratesmermaid - February 16

Oh good God, where to begin???!?!?!?!!!!! I have a TON of phobias!! My husband says I'm scared of everything, and he's kinda right. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of storms, tornados (as most of you already know), I don't like fluffy pillows because I might suffocate myself, mirrors in the dark, being attacked, an intruders holding Gretchen at gunpoint, roaches, the house spontaneously catching on fire.....


krnj - February 16

Driving lately for some reason!! I'm terrified to go over bridges!! I swear I think I need zoloft!!! LOL


eliz24 - February 16

For some reason I am always scared when we are in traffic and stopped under a bridge..I think it's gonna break at that moment or something. Oh and locking my lo in the car is another big one for me,I'm so scared that will happen.


aurorabunny - February 16

Oooh this is the most fun one yet, especially for neurotics like me, LOL. Piratesmermaid and I apparently share the HORRIBLE fear or tornados and the fear of mirrors in the dark, also the intruders and the roaches...Piratesmermaid, maybe we should chat sometime. Or maybe we shouldn't....we might just make each other more of a mess, hahahah. I'm also been afraid my entire life of falling flat on my face and busting out my teeth, I know that's completely nuts. Also just plain hate driving with my ds in the car because the whole trip I am thinking someone is just going to crash right into us. Anyone on here a therapist?? LOL


mommyke - February 16

Mine is rats, rodents, mice, etc... THe tail, the nose, all of it makes me shake. I am quivering now just typing it... I won't go in our garage b/c I swear I saw mouse feces and have therefore not set foot in my garage for 6 months! I have a cat, and his duty is to keep them away! I have never seen one in my house, but I don't know what will happen when I do. When I was dating my dh, I saw a mouse run across his dining room floor (he had a very old house) and from that point on I refused to be alone in the house and wouldn't go downstairs at all in the middle of the night (which was a problem b/c the only bathroom was down there - through the dining room). I am suprised my dh married me I am so crazy about it!


Lisastar9 - February 16

Having bugs flying around helpless babies and worring about my kids being stung.


srigles - February 16

I'm absolutely totally and completely petrified of moths. My dh thought I was kidding until he saw me burst into tears and take off running one night....


lexa - February 16

Oh goodness! Bugs/insects of any kind! Im afraid to get my nails done (for fear of a nail fungus). Tanning beds (for fear of cancer). Mirrors in the dark too (like in the movies, something will get me...I know its silly). Writing in red ink (brings bad luck). Small confined spaces. Too many people on an elevator with me (3 max then I run off freaking out.....besides, there is a weight limit)! Any heights! Oh gosh, I'll stop now! I sound like a freak.


piratesmermaid - February 16

I'm so glad we have a place to be completely neurotic and not be made fun of because of it. :)


aurorabunny - February 16

Srigles---me too!! Bugs don't bother me that much (except for roaches)....spiders, flies, nothing really bothers me...but I am terrified of harmless little moths. When they get in my house in the summer I scream until my husband kills them!


Ca__sJ - February 16

I am scared of pictures and mirrors falling off the walls and hitting me or ds, I am scared of cats because they always freak out and attack me, and I am scared to go under bridge over pa__ses because I think someone is going to throw acid over the side at me ( I saw it on Dr. Phil) I'm glad I am not the only nerotic one on here!


flower.momma - February 16

When I'm walking barefoot and step on something unexpected, especially if is wet. I know, it's weird. Also, I am SUPER claustrophobic, but only my legs. If my pants get twisted I freak out. My hubby always comes up and sits on my legs because it makes me scream and have a panic attack (he seems to think this is funny). Also fleas, we have a dog and cat, and I am so obsessed with keeping them flea-free. Every few months I'll find one, and then I'll be all twitchy and itchy all day. Also, looking out the window after dark, switching the lights on and off too many times, driving over a bridge, etc.


piratesmermaid - February 16

I'm scared that Yellowstone volcano is going to b__w and kill most of the world. I should have never watched that special on the Discovery channel. Seriously, I should probably be banned from the news and science channels as well as my permanent ban on horror movies. ***sheepish look***


SuzieQ - February 17

There's this bridge here that is raised up by these gigantic counter weights made of cement. They are ma__sive and are suspended in the air. Whenever I drive under them, I'm afraid they'll fall and squish me! Also, I'm afraid of heights, but I think that's just common sense and instincts :)


aurorabunny - February 17

My husband banned me from watching "Storm Stories" on The Weather Channel because it was just furthering my tornado fear but I was strangely drawn to watching them anyways. ROFLMAO.



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