Weird Thing To Be Grossed Out Over

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piratesmermaid - February 26

I finally found some special cradle cap stuf that's actually working!!! Yea!!! But I'm in the process of combing out all the scales/flakes and I'm gagging. Really gagging to the point of almost throwing up. It is grossing me out so much!!! Is this weird?


piratesmermaid - February 26

Eww, how can I get the crud out without gagging?


Rhiannon - February 26

I don't know. I avoid looking at it because it grosses me out. Luckily my dh loves to pick at it.


KLC - February 26

LOL...I don't mean to laugh but I'm just sitting here imagining you! I guess the only thing I can say is have dh do it next time!!


USMC_wife - February 26

LOL..not weird! I am sooo grossed out over wet wrinkled fingers rubbing together. Cradle cap is pretty gross too. Leah had it some when she was a baby. I used to call it "cradle c___p."


piratesmermaid - February 26

It is funny, though. I can handle the poop, the drool, the spit-up, the snot.... just not this!


Rhiannon - February 26

USMC Wife: that's what we call it too!!


snugglybugglys - February 26

what kind of cradle cap stuff is it? Just wondering for my baby.


piratesmermaid - February 26

Gentle naturals from walmart. It stinks and its kinda greasy, bt it seems to be wrking! eww


aggie03 - February 26

olive oil works good too....USMC_wife--THATS MY WEIRD THING TOO!! Aahlllll! wringled fingers and dry paper is the worst for grosss. i take the shortest showers bc i hate the way it feels tout lotion on if your fingers are shrivled


Pea Pod - February 26

I'm with USMC-wife and aggie03 on the wrinked finger thing. I actually hate touching my own fingertips together, even if they aren't wrinkly and wet. It bugs me to see other people do it too! I think combing out cradle cap stuff would gross me out, too. I haven't had to deal with it yet, though and I'll cross my fingers that I won't have to cuz I think my dh would actually be worse about it than me!


Smilefull - February 26

ha ha, that's so funny because hubby and I call it that too and I took her to the doc and was refering to it as "cradle c___p" without noticing--when we came out my husband was laughing at me.


shelly - February 26

lol to the cradle c___p, olive oil works for me for ds as hes got it quite bad. i was feeding ds a bottle and he was stratching his head and some of the flakes came out and covered his eyes and eyebrows ,it is very icky.



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