Well I Guess I Am Sorry About 4 Threads Now

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Felisha - January 25

everytime i hit submit i think of something new. does you babies faces turn red and body tense when the poop. it seems as though she is having a herd time pooping its good consistensy now but it still seems as though she strains is the redness and the intense pushing normal or not thanks again ladies dont know what i would do without you i would probably be driving her pedi nuts lol


sahmof3 - January 25

That is normal and doesn't necessarily mean that she is constipated.


Rabbits07 - January 25

I've seen Mason push and go on and look like he's pa__sing a brick and then it would be like pudding. Unless it's hard then there is nothing to be concerned about.


vonzo - January 25

you can hear my dd pooping about 10 miles away by the song and dance she makes of it. She grunts soo loudly and brings her legs up, we have to laugh at her. Her poops aren't solid and her wee bum doesn't look sore so we're not too worried about it.


ssmith - January 25

I remember asking my DR. about this, because my dd used to strain so badly, I thought her eyes were going to pop out....even though she was exclusively b___stfed at the time. I'll never forget this....he said "babies have tight sphincters" and that makes pooping difficult for them. I don't know why that struck me as being so funny......but there you go!


eclipse - January 25

I often think that my son's head will explode if he pushes much harder, he will do it for an hour or so, usually when he is just waking up, and then he has a normal runny baby poo. I feel bad for him, it must really bother him. My doctor actually thinks he might be trying NOT to poo, because he hates being changed (the cold air). He likes it after he is changed, though, and hates being wet. Poor kid.


USMC_wife - January 25

lmao.....My dd makes such a production of it. Its always nice when I'm in a quiet public place and she decides it's just the perfect opportunity to go. Waiting in line at the post office is my personal favorite..........


mandee25 - January 26

My son definitely does this. My doctor told me not to worry unless he goes 7 days without a bm. I thought he might have been a little constipated too but his poop isn't hard.


lexa - January 26

yep, very normal. My dd strains and makes a big production too, then when she's done, she doesn't care. She acts like nothing ever happened, lol. She doesn't even fuss to be changed! How she can handle that smell......



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