Well Water Or City Water

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Brittany - February 22

I might have my perceptions wrong about which is better. Aren't you suppose to boil water no matter what kind of water it is if your going to feed it to your baby? I thought well water was a MUST to boil if you were going to mix it with formula. I have city water and I boil it either way. So if you were to feed your baby well water or city water without boiling it, which one is better? I would think city water just because it goes through tests and gets filtered and de-chloronized. I could definitely be wrong though. Advice anyone?


Momof5 - February 22

I have city water and I don't boil it and i never did.. They told me at the hospital that they don't tell parents to do that now days.. They need some bacteria so they are use to it, they need to build up some immunities. sp? Also they need the little bit of floride thats in the water.. I could be wrong, but thats just what I was told and my kids are fine..


KLC - February 22

Personally we use bottle water for his bottles but we have city and we were told that boiling it after a certain age wasn't necessary because it boils the flouride out of the water.


jb - February 22

Generally speaking, well water is not as good as city water. If you have a water filtration system coming right from the water softener or a filtration system right from your tap, then it is just as good as city water. When dd was born, we lived in the city and we NEVER boiled the water. When she was about 4 months old we moved to the country and just bought bottled water. Our well water STINKS! I mean that literally. It tastes bad and it smells. We have a 'standard' water softener, but it still doesn't meet my standards!!! We are planning on shocking our well this spring/summer and that should halp matters.


Ca__sie06 - February 22

I have no idea! haha. Thats why I buy the formula that is already mixed and ready to pour and buy that baby water to mix with his juice. LOL


Brittany - February 22

thanks everyone!


Lchan - February 22

Our water is supplied by a well that we share with 5 other families. We have a very good filtration system, but there is no way we could afford a filtration system that comes close to what our local water company can supply. We use only bottled water for our son's bottles because I don't trust the water. The wells at a lower elevation from ours have high levels of perclorate (airplane fuel) and I know its only a matter of time before our water becomes infected.


MelG - February 22

No way I would give a baby well water. We used to live in a home with a well and also around other houses with old and faulty septic systems. No shocker that they found E. coli as well as other harmful bacteria in the well water. Not too mention the nitrates running off the farm fields nearby. As an adult, I wouldn't even drink the well water, let alone give it to a child.


luviduvi - February 22

We have city water and I was told well water was a no-no. We use Nursery Water w/ Floride b/c we are sometimes under a boil order and you never know when unless you leave the house.


Erin1979 - February 22

I personally boiled the water. I live in town, but I don't even drink the tap water....It made me feel better to do it. If you live in the country and are on well water, you should always boil it. Pesticides can seep into the water and can make your LO very sick. just my opinion


Kara H. - February 22

Well water must be boiled as you have no idea what type of chemicals have leached into your water supply, let alone bacteria. My parents have a well and they use bottled water for Max's bottles. We used bottled water as well, but for different reasons. Initially when we first had Max they were replacing all of our hydrants and as a result we had a boil ordinance for a few days almost every week. During that time, I requested a copy of the last water testing done by the city and there was WAY too much floride in the water which can actually damage and discolor the babies teeth. So we use distilled water to make his bottles. Once all his baby teeth are in, the dentist will use a paint on flouride treatment on him. It is as effective (if not more effective) without the risk of pitting and discoloring his teeth.


Rabbits07 - February 23

We have city water, but I still buy the distilled or nursery water for mixing Mason's formula or anything else. This past year our city water was found to have high levels of a substance....ThT (or something like that). Anyway, it is a by product of the chlorination process that sometimes exceeds safe limits. They said long term ingestion over a period of years could lead to cancer and other health problems. I just felt we'd rather not ingest it at all. They were working on the problem and are suppose to keep everyone informed. I know that alot of the bottled waters still come from municipal sources...I'm not sure if the spring waters still go through a chlorination process. You really just never know what you or your family are drinking.


mcatherine - February 23

I'm with Rabbits - I buy water. Distilled for the family and nursery water for the baby so he gets some flouride.



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