Were Moving How Do You Get Things Doen With A Baby

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Danielle19 - February 20

were moving, and i just don't know how iam going to pack and clean and everything with a baby around, he needs attention every 10-15mins, so its pretty much impossible to start something and finish it, i know i can do some packing after he goes to bed but im so tired myself then i know i won't feel like doing it then and my dh works alot so he won't be much help, plus jordans sick now so i won't be starting anything until after hes healthly, he does go to day 2 days a week but im working then, so im all open to any suggestions, oh the stress this week


sahmof3 - February 20

Oh my... you poor girl!!! We moved 2 weeks after my oldest was born by c-section so I can relate. He was a newborn so he slept alot, but I was in a lot of pain and really weak. Stress!!!! Do you have anyone who can come help out with the packing and/or helping with your son? DH's family came and helped us, which is good because I think that was the only way it was getting done lol.


LisaB - February 20

We moved cross country when my ds was 4months old. I did all the packing then let the boys do the actual move. I would out ds in bouncy or exersaucer and pack I did one room at a time and did most of it when ds was sleeping. Good luck.


Danielle19 - February 20

yea my mom can watch him, but iam the type of person who has to do everything right away with little breaks, but im sure that won't be happening now, im guessing its going to take me 2 months to move and then another 2 to unpacked, i was thinking about getting one of those slings or hip carrier and just tote him around the house well i do things but hes 21 pounds so im not sure i can do that for long, im going to call my sister and my cousin and see if they can give me a hand, and i was also thinking about asking the daycare if they can keep him an extra day each week, im just glad were only moving a mile away from our house now, i guess i should be thankful i have lots of time, we don't really have to be out until the end of may


BusyBee - February 20

I can sympathize with you Danielle19! We moved when our son was 2 months old. All I can say is that you need to get as much as possible done while he is sleeping or otherwise occupied. On the actual moving day, my ds spent almost the whole day in his swing! It seemed cruel to me at the time, but we had A LOT of work to do that day. I also tried to think really positively - we were moving into a bigger, nicer home that would accomodate our family better. That really motivated me and helped me to get through it. Good luck! Everything will work out fine!


DeeJay - February 20

We just moved in Dec. right after Christmas!! My dd was 4 months then. It was so hard. I packed every chance I got but it still came down to the wire, finally 2 days before we moved I had to have my mom watch her for me or else it just wasn't going to get done. (I also only had 3 weeks to do all of this). Then the people who bought it had the nerve to say I didn't clean it enough before we left. I was scrubbing floors at 4 am that day. So, I hear ya, and good luck, it is hard, but once it is over you can go slow unpacking, we still are and its 2 months later!!!!


kellens mom - February 20

Is there anyway to hire a "mother's helper"? A middle school or high school kid after school or a college student that could work in around cla__ses? They could entertain the baby while you are busy packing...or clean/pack as directed by you while you take care of the baby when no one else can (i.e. nursing). I know several girls who help a neighbor when she needs her kitchen cleaned. They gut the fridge and deep clean. Plus you are right there for direction if they need it. Be resourceful...and know that it is okay to ask for help (that is part of being resourceful!)


aurorabunny - February 20

We moved when ds was 2 months old...my biggest suggestion if at all possible is just to get sitters. During the packing process we just had my inlaws and my parents watch him as much as possible so it wouldn't have to be such a long drawn out process. Good luck!


Danielle19 - February 20

thanks for all the suggestions, im think im going to see if my cousin can come after school and watch him, except she just had knee surgery about 7 weeks ago so im not sure if she'll be up to it


eclipse - February 20

Maybe pay for an extra day or two of daycare? Then you can get some rest and pack. Its amazing what you can get done when you have a window and determination. I am the queen of moving (14 times in my life so far, 7 different states) but haven't had to with a baby (yet). I wish you the best of luck...:)


Smilefull - February 20

I moved with a toddler and 3 month old---do what you can when you can--start well in advance pack a box a day---I kept out one big box for essentials (everything you need on a daily basis) in there I had some tea/cereal/set of dishes/toilet paper etx --things to survive on while the other boxes can just sit. It still sucks like crazy to move--I wish you best of luck!!



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