Were You Bullied Into Having PPD

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mcatherine - February 28

I know this seems strange, but I'm not a depressed person. I'm just not. I had the normal baby blues that turned into the "can't get out of the house because its 10 degrees outside" winter blues. I went to my family doctor a few weeks ago with back pain after the chiropractor didn't bring relief. I'm a pretty active person - go to the gym every day - out and about for hours walking the mall, etc... but my family doctor told me I didn't have actual back pain - she thought I had PPD and tried to prescribe Cymbalta because it would also help with the physical symptoms of depression. Then I saw another doctor who, in fact, said the exact same thing. I was probably suffering from PPD and the although I didn't display mental symptoms, my body was probably manifesting its depression in the form of back pain. After another weekend of drinking whiskey to kill the pain - my obgyn referred me to a doctor that sent me in for an MRI - that showed I have a bulging disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. It just p___ses me off really - that since I had a baby two doctors assumed that I was depressed. So many women out there need help for PPD and it goes untreated - yet someone like me was almost forced into taking antidepressants for no reason at all. I was just wondering if anyone else was told they had PPD when they didn't believe they did?


bradylove - February 28

oooh I know what you are talking about! When my first ds was about 10 mos old, I woke up one morning with numbness in my arms and legs, so I panicked, dh was out of town so I had no choice but to call an ambulance. Well, when the paramedics arrived I told them that my baby was still in his crib and that I was afraid to pick him up because of the numbess for fear I would drop him...WELL...right away they sat me down made me drink some orange juice WTF?? and told me I must have ppd and that I really should call my doctor right away to make an appointment. I insisted that I didn't have ppd and that I just had numbness in my arms and legs and was afraid to pick him up because of that. They didn't believe me and made me call my doctor right away. Then they got my neighbor to stay with me until dh came back home. Well I ended up going to my doctor who referred me to a physical medicine specialist who diagnosed me with pinched nerves in both my elbows and my neck. You see the day before I had done groceries and carried in most of the bags and two big water jugs all at once and I had thrown my allignment off and in the process had damaged some nerves...so much for ppd.


Kara H. - February 28

So interesting! I have been complaining about fatigue and numbness and tinglings in my hands and feet. It started about 8wks PP. I didn't seek medical treatment until around thanksgiving so Max would have been about 4 months old. My family doctor (who would have taken me seriously because she is a young mom herself) moved away and a got some NP. She told me that I was a tired mommy and that if I needed help I should just ask for it. I was p__sed! My numbness got so bad I couldn't complete a haircut at work in January. That scared the c___p out of me so I found my self a new doctor who was an internalist. She said it was probably carpel tunnel in my hands and feet - but at least she gave me a complete blood work up. My thyriod was off but she felt it was self correcting and probably the reason for my fatigue. I was also anemic was too was probaby contributing to it. Well, three weeks ago I accidentally dumped boiling water down my thigh. I self treated at home with left over pain killers since we were in the middle of a blizzard. I went in to see her to get my burn checked out three days later when the roads were clear. She treated my burn and told me that it was so severe I would have been put on morphine had I went to the hosptial. She went to ask me if I was still having the problem with my hands and feet. I told her yes and I wondered if maybe it could be related the neck and hip pain I get on and off. She immidiately flew into action making arrangements to do more testing for me numbness and pain. Apparently seeing me shrug off such a bad burn made her realize that if I was b___hing about my feet maybe there is something else going on. She now thinks that it is either A) a buldging disk or lubar stenousis B) rheumatoid arthitis or C) fibromialgia. I have just had blood work for the RA, a spinal series of xrays and I am going for a nerve conduction study next week with a neurologist. While I am glad she is taking me serious, how much longer whould I have suffered if I hadn't burned my thigh?


Rhiannon - February 28

I haven't felt bullied, but I am suffering some life problems. I am worried about my husband's job because he hates it and works 80 hours a week. I am under a lot of stress about this, but i don't want to talk to anyone because they will just say it is ppd. I know it is not, it is a result of a bad situation which will be fixed in the future. I just hate the way once you have a baby, everyone worries about you, thinking you are going to go off the deep end.


Shea - February 28

This is why I hate doctors. It doesn't have to be ppd, but anytime they THINK they know what the problem is, they stop listening to you and jump to diagnose. It makes me crazy, lol. The other thing is that they jump to prescribe medcations - this is why my husband (who thinks you can cure anything with a pill) is on 8 different medications. He never had an allergy sympton in his life, he gets one runny nose and now he takes Entex & Flonase. Completely rediculous.


sahmof3 - February 28

Wow... that's so crazy that they would just jump to a conclusion like that! I actually DID have PPD, but had NO physical symptoms... just a changed mental outlook, confusion, extreme sadness, etc.... but no physical pain.


sahmof3 - February 28

... let me clarify... no pain besides normal c-section recovery LOL.


mcatherine - February 28

Some women truly do suffer from PPD, like sahmof3 - but can you imagine what an antidepressant does to the mind of someone that isn't depressed? Just like I said to our family doc (our previous family doc, lol) that she wasn't prescribing me Pez or something and shouldn't we investigate further before giving me something that will change the way my mind works? She never even stopped writing!! I'm honestly shocked at some of the stories you posted. I just never knew it wasn't ok for a doctor to say "I don't know". I just got back from the new docs with a few prescriptions, but we agreed that I'm not a pill-type person so hopefully the PT and weekly ma__sages will help out a lot! Turns out that if you have proof of a back problem our insurance covers pt, ma__sage, chiropractic, acupuncture and the gym! Also - he wants permission to call both doctors - but I want to discuss it with my husband first!!


aurorabunny - February 28

I have def. always thought that they are too easy to slap the t_tle on some people that may just be having normal new mom feelings. Of course I also feel like they slap t_tles for everything else on too quickly as well...I mean I know that lots of people NEED their medication, but for god's sakes they hand out Prozac like freakin candy.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Kara, I have FM and seen numerous doctors who all said I was depressed before I was finally dx'ed with FM. It took 5 years before I finally got a dx. This was back in the mid-late 90's though...I think doctors are more aware of FM now. I still think it's a shame that women's illnesses are so quickly pout off as anxiety or depression, etc. I read in a magazine that alot of women with heart disease are dx'ed as depression and anxiety...SHAME!


Erynn21 - February 28

So true, every time I go to our dd's well baby check-up's it's like have you felt episodes of sadness or aggravation, um yeah it's called being a new mom and a woman. I know it is bad, but I agree there are too many ppl trying to make you feel like you are crazy, just for being emotional. My own husband started thinking I was having PPD because I was stressed out at Christmas. I kept telling him I just wanted our family to have a nice quiet holiday, but everyone in the family was come here, do this, do that, I was feeling pulled apart because of it. I was annoyed with ppl not coming to see me, sh** I was the one with a 3 month old baby, come see me you know where I live. I explained it to him over and over, he was just worried I understand. I am having very bad hormonal issues right now, yet I don't know what to do about it, I don't need antidepressants, but need to figure out what to do. My doctor sometimes b__ws me off and is the opposite way with my problems, she doesn't take what I say seriously, that is just as annoying. I also am having severe back problems, and am going to tell her I need something done about it, I feel like my spine is bruised from my epidural or something, the pain radiates out from there, anyone else have this?? I hope she doesn't think I am depressed, although I must say I am a little today, I woke up to another 8 inches of fricken snow, I am really hating snow.


Lchan - February 28

I had the opposite problem. 4 weeks after ds was born I found myself suddenly emotionally overwhelmed by the prospect of things that could happen. Like, what if dh lost his job; what if I suddenly died. Stupid things. I woud call my dh at work and want an answer on how we would cope with this event that wasn't even happening. My dh had me call my ds pediatrician's office, who said that i needed to call my dr. I called my dr, who said I needed to contact my ob/gyn. I contacted by ob/gyn, who told me to call psychiatry (I have Kaiser). I left a message and never heard back! I quickly pa__sed through this phase, but what if I hadn't?


sophandbob - February 28

I know exactly what you mean. I've been feeling really down recently because of the business with my partner, plus I've had every illness going and now I've got raging tooth ache, because of my weight (and I was fat before I got preggers) and because I've had a period for the past month now. All these things combined have made me tearful. Just because I happen to have had a baby within the past 6 months I have PPD. Its not baby related!! I'd still be down if I hadnt given birth and that stuff was going on in my life. Now not only am I told I have PPD but I am being pressurised into stopping b___st feeding so I can take anti depressants.


Wellis10 - February 28

I got depressed when was 7-8 months pregnant. I wanted him out......really really bad. I am the type of person to be independent...I want to do things not lye on my back. I couldn't even have s_x do to a low lying placenta. I felt like the pregnancy was never going to end and I was stuck that way for life. I talk to my obgyn about my problem....she's a midwife. She didn't force anything on me she asked if I felt that I needed something. I refused....I knew that he would come out eventually and I didn't want any forgien drugs in my body esp. while I was pregnant. When I finally went into labor.....I was so happy that it ended my depression. My doctor asked me on my 4 week check up how I was feeling....I told her I was cured. I still feel alittle emotional from time to time but I know that It will pa__s. I do agree thou that there are alot of doctors out there that are quick to prescribe you meds...for something that is rediculous.


mischelly30 - February 28

I had kinda the same situation. Well, kinda. I mistakenly went to a group, which I thought was a new mother's group, but was a PPD group! I didn't "get" it til about 1/2 way through the group, when they started reviewing symptoms of anxiety disorders and asking me if I had PTSD from my labor. Ha! Anyhow, I couldn't *believe* that they just a__sumed I was PPD just because I had arrived at the group (without doing any diagnostic tests), and how anxious they were to get me on meds. They made it evident that I'd just need to say the word, and they'd give me a prescription, because "drugs can help" (their words). I was in shock!! I don't know why doctors are so quick to diagnose and prescribe meds. We seem to have a quick-fix society in which we're looking for the pill cure, I guess.


LollyM - March 1

Isn't it funny how doctors just want to give us all meds these days?! I'm glad you listened to your own body and heart instead of just going along with it. What a bunch of freaks! lol I am worried, because I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder when i was 15 and I was on meds, but I never really believed I was bipolar (I had anxiety that I was given an antidepressant for and it caused me to go off the deep end because I WASN"T depressed! Aparently that is why I am bipolar...?) Anyway, I went off meds when I was 4 mos pregnant at 18 and have been off them for almost a year without any "episodes". dd is almost 7 mos and for the last few weeks I have been feeling "off" and I would so rather this be ppd than bipolar! I'm afraid that my dr has already labeled me though, so I might have quite a fight on my hands with her! (and my mother...) I don't want to go back on meds if I don't need them. I am with you ladies... what is wrong with having emotion? I think there is something wrong with people who are happy ALL the time... Anyway, that's my little rant!


LollyM - March 1

Ps... those of you with numbness... what kind of numbness is it? I have had numbness for many years that has not been diagnosed. Sometimes I feel like there is water on part of my skin on my arms or legs and there isn't which is very odd! I also get a pinch in my neck at least once a month. Sorry I sound like such a problem magnet on this post! lol. Also, Kara I'm glad your burn is better! I remember that post for sure!



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