What 3 Mths Old Can Do

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newmomma - October 9

My son just turned 3 mths yesterday. I just wanna know what yr babies can do at this age. I know every baby is different, but I just need some guidelines to make sure that my baby is ok. My baby hasn't rolled over yet, but he is trying now. He also able to lift his head for a while when I put him on his tummy..do u think he is slow? Sorry for the question, I guess I just being paranoid


MJM - October 10

As you said all babies are different. But to me he sounds like he is right on track.


Fabienne - October 11

mine is 3months 1/2 and he's trying to roll over but is not there yet. Like your baby , if I put him on his tummy, he'll lift his head and look around...mmm what else...oh , that's new, he grabs his feet now and a great thing too is that he's starting to play with me now - initiate it I mean...when I hold him on my lap, he'd look at me, smile and hide his little cute face in my clothes...I love it :)))) when we hold him up on our lap, he pushed on his legs and stands.


Jamie - October 11

Allow me to quote from What To Expect The First Year: by three months, your baby Should Be Able to: on stomach, lift head up 45 degrees; WIll Probably Be Able To: laugh out loud; on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees; squeal in delight; bring both hands together; smile spontaneously; follow an object held about 6 inches above baby's face and moved 180 degrees with baby watching all the way. May Possibly Be Able To hold head steady when upright; on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms, roll over, grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers, pay attention to an object as small as a raisin; May Even Be Able To bear some weight on legs when held upright; reach for an object; keep head level with body when pulled to sitting; turn in the direction of a voice, particularly mommy's; say ah-goo or similar vowel-consonant combination; razz (make a wet razzing sound)



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