What Quot People Quot Food Do You Feed Your Baby

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JEN - June 10

I noticed from other posts that many of you feed your babies regular/people food ( ex: the post about avacado). What age dis you all start this, and what other foods do you feed your LO? Also, is there a certain kind of yogurt for babies? BTW, my ds is 6 months and is trying to cut gis bottom 2 teeth. Thanks ladies!


pbj - June 10

Avacado was one of the first foods I gave my daughter who will be 7 mths this week. It's perfect for babies because it's soft and you can basically to them straight from the skin. I am also curious about the other foods though, I am so nervous about giving her anything too chunky. I'm even nervous about giving her the little puff snacks from gerber which I asked other moms here about the other day. As far as yogurt goes I know there's the yo baby yougurt by Stoneyfield farms but other than that I've seen some for older children which I think have a lot of sugar. I know I didn't really help, but I'm interested in the responses you receive. I constantly have solid questions, I feel like she's behind somehow.


C - June 10

In the book I have it says for a 6 month old you can introduce the following (pureed or finely mashed). ripe avacado, ripe banana, sweet potatoes, yogurt, whole-milk single grain infant cereals, mild fruits cooked and strained: apricots, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, prunes, papaya, mango winter squash. Make sure you are following a waiting period between foods. I always waited a week. Just be very careful that you make it to a consistancy that he can handle.


luvbendict - June 11

I always try to cook homemade babyfood for my ds. I started to cook when he was 8 mths old and I ve been giving him avocado, egg, cheese, brown rice, chicken, beef, vegetable (okra, brocolli, calliflower, greenbean, peas, corn, sweet potato, potato, tempeh, soybean, carrot, parsley), tofu, fruits (banana,mango,strawberry, blueberry, pear, peach, prune, plum, papaya, cherry, watermelon, honeydew). I give him either plain Stoneyfield yoghurt mixed with fruits or gerber yoghurt instead of giving him yoghurt for older children which almost all of them contains coloring and too much sugar.


HANNAHs Mom - June 11

My 9 month dd is refusing baby jar food so all she gets now is people food. My rule of thumb is to give her practically anything the size of a pea. She eats cheese, green beans, pasta (the little boetie pastas are great---overcooked), watermelon (and all fruits), egg yolk, Yo Baby yogurt, cheerios, ham, pancakes etc. Babies gums are incredibly strong and capable of handling more than we realize. (I was never this brave with my first daughter though!)


JEN - June 11

Thank you so much ladies! I am anxious to try some new foods, and I think ds is too.


Justine1 - June 12

My health visitor said we could start solids at 4 months - like pureed veg or fruit and at 6 months we could start giving her any adult food that was mashed with a fork (except salty things). My DD is 7 months and often eats a mashed up version or little pieces of what we have for meals. She's ate loads of things including cows milk, ice cream, most veg, banana, lychee, strawberries, pancake, chocolate, rusk, baby jars, meat, prawns etc and has always been fine.


Bree - June 12

My husband has given our son some things behind my back. ugggg... his family is "country" for lack of a better word and they don't go by the books. His uncle came over one day giving him a little smokey to gnaw on, and another time pork rind to help w/teething. What??!!! I almost died. But I'll confess we had a cookout yesterday and I was holding him eating my sausage dog. Well he went crazy wanting it so I let him have a little (without mustard lol). He wants regular table food so bad, but for now it's still been mostly jar food.


CarolA - June 13

my mil gave my son watermellon at 3 months...it made me so mad, but he liked it. she held it and didn't let him put it all the way in his mouth, just suck on it. and apparently she's give him grapes (hes only 4 months now) just to suck on but she said "one got away, so i pulled it out of his mouth" AHHH. im so scared he's going to choke with her. I dont want her feeding him those things. On the other hand, i let him lick a lime the other day, he liked that. I also put some mashed potatoes on my finger and let him lick it off when we were at a resteraunt. he wouldn't stop crying...so i thought he might want to taste my food. But i would not give him grapes! ahhh, i dont know what im going to do about that lady.


YC - June 13

Carol A- that is so scary about the grape!!! You can tell your MIL that my mom choked on a grape as an adult and almost dies...literally!!! Luckily the ambulance got there in time. Maybe that will be enough to scare her and stop her from giving the baby grapes. I can't wait to give my dd table food but she has not taken well to the baby food so it will be a while. Maybe I should try some mash potatoes or something. Sounds like you all have tried different things that worked well.


ry - June 13

i dont know if this is bad but sometimes my husband and i give our 10 week old dd little tastes of our popsicles. very rarely though, but she loves them!



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