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jb - April 27

I was wondering if anyone uses "Parent's Choice" brand powder formula. I bought it at Wal-Mart. It was super cheap ($11 for 25.7 ounces) and it will last a long time. It has all the needed ingredients the other formulas have. My DD has been on it for about a month now. It just seems to good to be true. Cheap formula, happy baby...I guess I am lucky. Anyone else use this stuff? Any complaints about it?


Kelly K - April 27

I don't use Parent's Choice, but I do use the cheap stuff from Sam's which is probably the exact same thing. It's $19 for 3 lbs of formula. It mixes better and my daughter seems to do a lot better on that than she did the Similac. Less gas mostly.


luvmyboys - April 27

I use it because it is cheap and my son seems to have no problems on it. I don't know where you're from but my sister-in-law was told by a public health nurse that any formula here in Canada is good for babies because our FDA is very strict about it. So I'm not worried about it being cheap.


Leahp - April 28

Hi jb, my sitter who has been taking care of children said to definiltey go with the wal-mart brand, she said that most of the babies she has watched do great on it and just because it's cheap doesn't mean it isn't good!!! The only name brand that she said she would go with is the Nestle Good start, other than that Parent's choice, do they have Soy, I'm going broke with Similac???


MJM - April 28

My dd loved that stuff, that was 5 yrs ago but she loved it. I now use the Costco brand. You get 56ish oz or so for 19 bucks. I started my son on that right away.


MJM - April 28

Yes Leahp they do have it in soy also


cynthia334 - April 28

i was having problems with my sons constipation and was trying to get a low iron formula. I went with the walmart brand and it seemed like he was always hungry and began spitting up a lot. We later contacted a public health nurse and she told me that that brand doesnt have the right kind of milk in it for infants. she didnt recommended it for 6 months and under. I am in canada so i dont know if its made different in the states or not. But it didnt work for him, but every baby is different.


ReneeM - April 28

I have researched this Parents choice formulas and learned some things. That like one other comment, all the formulas have the needed ingredients because they are goverened by the FDA. And the reason PC is so cheap and Similac/enfamil is expensive is one simple reason: marketing. The name brands spend lots of money on diaper bags, starter packs and samples for the hospitals. Also they supply ped's offices with samples too. And if you go to their websites and register with them they will send you a lot of coupons, etc. PC does not do that(they will send you a one time free sample if you go on their website). Also I learned a lot of store brands (Target, kmarts, grocery stores) is they same kind as PC, just different names. A lot of these store brands are manufactured by Wythe, which is supposed to be one of the oldest companies that makes formula. You can compare PC to the name brands and they all have the same ingredients.


C - April 28

My sister in law said it worked well for her. I always used Good Start because I always had a coupon and I didn't use that much formula. Recently I bought Similac and I noticed it mixes better than the Goodstart. My son is 1 today so we'll be starting to phase out formula soon.


Leann - April 29

My baby is very unhappy on similac. Does walmart take exchanges for formula? I have an over abundance of similac, but have been wanting to try the parent's choice brand....just wondering.


Leann - April 29

oh....it is unopened similac that I would be returning/exchanging


jb - April 29

Leann..yes they do take returns on unopened formula. Thats what I ended up doing when I switched to PC. I had about 4 cans of similac and swapped them for the PC. With PC being so inexpensive, I even had a store credit when I was done!!


ashtynsmom - May 3

My daughter only wants the Parent's Chouce brand. It gives her less gas, less constipation and no spitting up. She was on Enfamil Lipl first, and then Similac. We discovered she had a milk allergy around 6 weeks, so we switched her to Isomil by Similac. That ga__sed and constipated her so bad, she would scream for hours. We switched to the Parent's choice Soy and she has been an angel ever since!!


tiffani - May 3

I use Parents Choice and Target brand (which is by the same maker of Parents Choice). They are both great, and I prefer them over Similac and Enfamil. When I wasn't using generic I was using Nestle Good Start Supreme. I think the PC is just as good, and it's cheaper. It also doesn't foam up and bubble AT ALL, unlike Enfamil and Similac. The bubbles are one of the main contributers to gas. :o)



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