What Activities Do You Do With Lo

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Amandanbaby - February 28

My ds is 10 months old and wants to don nothing except watch t.v. At first, I was glad at some times because I can get a lot more done. But, then I find myself finished early and watching his cartoons with him. We need to do some new things! What kinds of things do you do with your lo's in this icky weather. I want to start him learning some new things...


Amandanbaby - February 28



ssmith - February 28

My dd is 10 months too! On the 27th. She absolutely LOVES to read stories. I swear, she will sit for half an hour on my lap and listen to story after story. She has always been like this, so needless to say, we spend a great deal of time reading books. We go a Mom & Baby group on Thursdays for a change of scenery. She also loves to knock over towers of blocks and stacking cups. We play chase around the house, peek-a-boo. We also listen to a lot of different kinds of music and dance a lot.


Amandanbaby - February 28

my ds gets bored with books, I dunno why. I always loved to read...anyone else?


Lchan - February 28

My son is 10 months also. I make obstacle courses for him with the couch cushions. He loves to crawl over them. I also make tunnels by throwing blankets over chairs or the table. We spend a lot of time putting his toys in a bucket and then taking them back out. When my husband is home we play "pony ride". One of us crawls on the floor while the other one holds ds on their back. We must look like idiots but all 3 of us laugh like crazy. Sometimes I'll put on the radio and dance, then hit the mute b___ton and quickly stop dancing. My ds follows along and we giggle like crazy when the music stops. That's all I can think of for now. I'll post more as I think of them.


cae - February 28

Ethan is 1 years old. We have just about the exact same routine as Lchan. Pillows, tunnels with blankets, running around and hiding behind sofas and playing peek a boo. Ethan really loves music and dances to it also, and when I hit mute he stops and looks then I play it again and off to dancing he goes. We have so much fun. I got it all on video, it is halarious. He also loves stories, I push him on his push ride along toy alll over the house, I also pull him on his wagon. He also likes to pull his stuff animals on the wagon too, its so funny to see him stacked them all in there. If I want to get some cleaning done, I will get all the tuppaware out and put them in a big pile in the living room and he will sit there for a long time, taking the lids off, trying to put that back, stacking, etc. He is so curious at this age, that anything will entertain him.



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