What Age Do You Let Then CIO And No Bottle At Night

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torbman - January 12

I can't remember from my first two kids. When do you let then cio it out or give then water at night instead of formula. What age? My ds is 7 1/2 months old and has still never slept through the night. He eats 6 ozs every 3 hours from the hospital. He is weighing 16lbs and 3 ozs. Can anyone help? How can I get him to sleep through the night? I have my girls 11 and 8 upstairs in the same room (loft style upstairs) so I can't let him cio out too long. I did that with my girls on top of giving them water. He was 6 weeks early which would make him 6 months corrected and he has rice cereal in the mornings. What can I do? Not getting much sleep these days with a family of five.:(


Nerdy Girl - January 12

My son was 7 months old before he started sleeping thru consistently. This was WAY DIFFERENT than yym 1st baby who slept thu at 12 weeks. My son would sleep thru for 2 nights in a row, then be screaming for a bottle on the third. We really only had to do CIO one night with him, and then he started sleeping thru. Have you read the book everyone talks about on here, Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child? It's a great reference and has helped me quite a bit with my kids.


torbman - January 12

I haven't heard of it but I will look for it. Thank you


bbmax - January 12

My son started sleeping through the nights at 2.5 months when I started putting rice in his bottle around 7pm. He has slept through the nights since. He's a big baby. Try giving some rice to your ds in the early evenings.


torbman - January 12

I tried that when he was 5 months old and at different times but he was so fussy at night that it made me think it was bothering him while he slept for some reason. I stopped it and started during morning hours with rice and he has done awesome. Not sure what happened there.


mayaB - January 12

my son started sleeping through the night at 3 months of age. He was waking up every 3 hours and was told it wasnt out of hunger. He was big and was told he didnt 'need' a night feeding. So I read a few books to get my courage up and let him cry it out. He has slept all night 8-8 ever since and is now 8 months old.


LisaB - January 12

OK my ds started sleeping thru the night at 12 months before he nursed twice at night til 8 months then from 8months on he nursed once a night. He is tiny with a ferocius appit_te. He eats like crazy and now at 14 months only weighs 21 lbs but can out eat me!! I think all babies are different with different needs.


jwhite - January 12

I have been giving my dd 5.5 months old cause she was waking during the night and that's not usual for her, she is a great sleeper. So for the past two nights I have been giving her a bottle around 5:30 and she usually eats about 4 oz then and 2 hours later I feed her ceral mixed with fruit juice, then she gets a bath and her last bottle between 8:30 and 9 and goes to bed. She usually falls asleep while I am feeding her. and for the past two nights she has slept through the night. I also have been giving her tylenol cause I think she might be trying to teeth.


lin7604 - January 12

i don't know if giving the rice cereal will make a difference. My ds has has it for some time now (he's 11.5 w) and he still doesn't sleep well. Every night it is a guessing game on how long he will actually sleep. Some nights he will go 3 hrs in a row and others 6. I have read alot too that at 13lbs or 3 mts they don't need to be fed at night but i don't feel comfortable not feeding him atleast once as he is a big baby (17lbs) and i think he has a need to re fuel up otherwise i think it would be a nightmare of a evening!


bbmax - January 12

Well, I guess an evening feeding will not work for all babies. Mine is 9 months now and about 23 pounds. He has gone to bed at about 9pm every night since he was about 14 weeks and he's never woken up between 9pm and 7 or 8am since, except for 2 or 3 nights of teething.


shannan - January 12

My ds is 7.5 months as well and still is getting up during the night. We give him a pacifier and sometimes have to rock him to get him to fall back asleep. Do you think you ds is hungry or just waking up out of habit? Maybe try a pacifier if he'll take one. I thought about CIO, but it really kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach to let him cry for too long (you can tell Im a first time mom). I secretly am hoping that one of these days he'll just automatically start sleeping through the night ( I know Im living in a fantasy world :)


torbman - January 12

I let my girls cio sometimes when they were little but I guess I think Joel is different. He just sucks back the bottle sometimes like he hasn't eatin in awhile and other times I can't get him to finish the bottle. We tried to let him cio lastnight and a couple of times we went up there and gave him his soother and it worked. His cry was more of a whimper last night and so we left him til 6 am. then other times he is screaming so then I think he is really hungry. Would it be bad to not let him cio and continue letting him get up for a bottle? do you think that that leads to too much weight gained ? What do you think?


cattac - January 12

Hey! With my first ds he started sleeping through the night at 9 months...he's never been much of a good sleeper and has rarely slept for 12 hours straight...he usually goes 10 hrs and he was a big baby...9 lbs at birth and at his age 2 checkup he was 36 lbs (he's tall too). I let him CIO at 9 months because I knew there was no way he needed a bottle during the middle of the night. He kept waking up around 2-3 and the first night or two of letting him CIO was hard but after that he started sleeping. Now my second ds will be 3 months next week. He's smaller than my first but still big. At 2 months he weighed almost 14 lbs. He has always slept well...gone to bed anywhere between 8 and 10pm and wont wake up until 3-4am and then I usually end up waking him up around 9am sometimes for various reasons (not all the time though). I dont know how big they need to be to let them CIO but I have heard not to let a baby CIO before 3 months of age and I know my ds still needs to be fed during the night because he takes 6 ounces and is starving. I dont give him rice cereal yet...I'll probably start that at 4-6 months.


lexa - January 12

I don't feel it would be bad to not let him cio! I think cio is based on personal opinion (please don't anyone yell at me on this:-). I don't let my dd do it. Granted she is only 3 months, but I feed her when she gets up. She gets up once a night. If they are hungry, I say feed them. It won't lead to too much weight gain. If he is hungry, it's what his body needs. I say if you are not comfortable letting him cry, then rock him to sleep, or soothe him how you feel is appropriate or works for you. I feel way too guilty with the cio. I can't bring myself to do it. Sorry.


lexa - January 12

Oh, and previously you said you tried rice at night but he was fussy. How much did you use? What if you maybe tried a little rice with his night feeding? Like maybe only 1.5tsp per oz? Just to thicken the formula a bit. Just a thought.



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