What Age Do You Sterilise To

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sharon - February 13

my daughter is 4 1/2 months old what age do i sterelise her dummies bowls spoons etc to? i read somewhere 7 months???


Maleficent - February 15

with my kids i just ran them through the dishwasher.


lilmama - February 15

same here i just use the dishwasher. The only time I ever sterilized was when there was an ecoli scare with our water.


sabrina - May 15

always sterilise!! atleast till 9 months i would to a yr


michelle - May 15

I have never heard of sterilizing bowls and spoons. By the time a baby is old enough to eat, he's old enough to pick up all kinds of c___p off the floor. It's my understanding that sterilizing bottles and nipples came about back when bottlefeeding started - early twentieth century or so. At that time there was no reliable cold storage, so in an attempt to cut down on spoilage of infant formulas, sterilization was inst_tuted. I'm not sure how well it worked, as the oldest child care book I have (1915) really stresses the dangers of diarrheal diseases caused by feeding babies spoiled infant formula. Infant formula at that time was cow's milk diluted to half strength with water and sweetened with table sugar.


! - May 16

Dishwashers sterilize everything!


Lissi - May 21

I read that you have to sterilise everything up to a year. Even plastic toys! Is this true? It's my first baby so I haven't a clue. I'm wondering what the point is of sterilising plastic toys when they can pick up lots of c___p off the floor too. I don't have a dishwasher.


Katharine - May 23

Ooohhh...add me to the lazy mom club. I never sterilized anything. Usually sent things through the dishwasher, but often washed by hand in hot water. A few times I have been ambitious and run plastic toys/tub toys through the dishwasher and wiped down the room with clorex wipes.


chel - May 25

You only have to sterilize bottles and nipples before the first use. After that, a good washing in hot water will do. Or, put them in the dishwasher.


SM - June 3

I never steralized anything! Dishwasher worked great and I would wipe down plastic toys. Steralizing things until a child is one year old is useless.....just wait until you see some of the things they put in their mouths. Kids are exposed to bacterias all the time and that is what causes their immune systems to work....if you steralized everything all the time, there would be no germs for their little bodies to fight off.


P - June 3

I only sterilised new bottles and nipples. Everything else goes through the dishwasher or gets washed with soap and water. My sister was the same.



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