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krnj - May 15

My ds is 10 weeks and I'm thinking about giving him rice cereal at night. He's on formula. He wakes up every 1-2 hours & never seems to get full at night. Should I try it or wait & see what the pedi says?


Marlene - May 15

My ds is 11wks now and I've been putting cereal in his bottle since he was 7wks. He likes to eat so he doesnt sleep straight through the night but it does give me 4-5hours. He ped even suggested that I put cereal in his bottle but I was doing it already. If you dont feel comfortablt just call the doctor but remember dont hold on to every little thing the doctor says just your instincts.


Bonnie - May 15

I'm not a fan of starting rice cereal early unless you have to. Starting foods like this gives a greater chance of triggering allergies. Rice cereal can also cause gas and constipation in young infants as their tummies are not developed enough to tolerate it well. However, sometimes thickening formula is necessary. Like in reflux cases. We had to thicken Mason's bottles for a while because of that. As far as sleeping goes, it made no effect. What I would suggest is to speak to your ped about this. At 10 weeks the baby should not be crying every 1-2 hours at night wanting to eat or get up. I would discuss it with your ped to find out what is going on there. And ask if he would recommend the cereal or not for your infant.


Chelle - May 15

I tried putting rice cereal in my daughters night time bottles when she was 3 1/2 months because she was waking a lot at night to eat. It didn't make one bit of differance. She still woke up just as much so I stopped. I started feeding it to her by spoon when she was 5 1/2 months. Unless there's a medical reason for it I think you should wait until he's at least 4 months then feed it to him by spoon.


nic nac - May 15

I put rice cereal in my dd's bottles because she wanted more formula but couldn't handle the volume and would vomit and she wouldn't eat in shorter intervals. She is 4.5 months. I would think twice about putting in his bottle. Sometimes you have to but don't do it in hopes of getting him to sleep through the night cuz it doesn't work. It is an old wives tale. I agree with Bonnie so I won't repeat but I would wait until he is at least 4 months and try by spoon like Chelle said.


rl - May 15

I started my little guy on rice cereal at 8wks and he did great as far as constipation goes I just give him apple/pear/grape juice little bit with alot of water in his bottle as I am feeding him the cereal cause I never put it in the bottle I use a coated spoon and I am now mixing his cereal with a little fruit and he has no problems going poo, ha ha lol anyways he is also sleeping all thru the night he is now 4months old


CarolA - May 15

I would say try it, and see how it works out. My baby just turned 3 months today, and we're already giving him rice cereal, only at night though, and by spoon...not bottle. We mix it with either applejuice, or we give him the banana flavor one, and he's been sleeping better. Infact the past couple of nights he didn't wake up once. do what you think is right, but i suggest you try it for a couple of nights and see how it works out. He wont like it at first, probably wont know what to do with it in his mouth, but he'll get the hang out if, and i think it really helps.


jessb - May 15

I started rice cereal in the bottle at about 10 weeks. Just one teaspoon for 4 ounces. It didnt really help her sleep at all (she was sleeping pretty well before that) but she didnt used to eat a whole lot and I got nervous so I thought it would give her some extra calories. At 13 weeks I started spoon feeding her cereal. She is 14 weeks now and Im still not sure she gets anything when I spoon feed it to her. She spits most of it out and laughs while she does it :o) Anyways I put a few teaspoons in her bottle at night which is about 5-6 ounces. She is still sleeping pretty well, but has some random nights when she wakes up and eats at like 3-4am. The rice cereal didnt constipate her or make her more ga__sy than normal, but like a I said a only use a little bit.


hello - May 16

Up the amount of formula u are giving... Maybe it isnt enough... I dont understand why people introduce solids at such a crazy age.....and rice cereal is a breakfast, it goes on a spoon unless u have a baby with reflux so i am told then it goes in a bottle.... SOLIDS... NOT BEFORE 6 MONTHS... This is why i guess america has the biggest percentage of obesity ...... I gave my daughter rice cereal at 5 mths, i started a bit earlier, 4 months is fine, ten weeks is ridiculous i am sorry...........Talk to a dr as maybe u arent giving enough formula or something, are u making it correctly? Is it strong enough? Sorry for the harshness but a baby isnt ready at that age and yes they will wake every few hrs, some wake every half hr so u are lucky............the only advice i have read here that u should listen too is bonnies and nic nac who agrees and obviously like me knows what u should and shouldnt do...................


Bonnie - May 16

Well, I don't think it has much to do with the obesity issue in our country. I think that has to do with advertising and lack of knowledge as to what a normal portion is. This country has become too used to everything being supersized....but there is a reason why it is not suggested to start cereals until 4-6 months. And the later the better. When babies are born, their tummies are not developed all the way and starting solids too soon not only causes tummy aches, ubt it ups the chance of them having allergic reactions. The longer you wait for silds, the better chance you give your child to not react to it. That is why rice cereal is usually the first choice to start with (least allergenic) and foods like cow's milk and eggs are not recemmended until after 1 year (most allergenic). There are rare occasions when a child needs to start earlier. Cereal should only be added to bottles when they have issues like reflux or low weight problems. Because the benefit outweighs the risk. My son had to thicken for a while due to reflux. I stopped as soon as we possibly could. Then he had to start flat out eating solids at 3 1/2 months because he was already up to 32 ounces of formula per day, still starving and in the 97th percentile on weight and 95th on height. He's just a monster of a baby who was ready early. We also did not do this without the consultation of his pediatrician and GI specialist that he sees. I am strongly opposed to giving cereal in a bottle to prolong sleep. It's not good for the baby and the easy way out. That sounds pretty harsh when you have a baby like KRNJ does who is 10 weeks and still waking every 1-2 hours. But as I said before, that is not normal either. and she should really discuss this issue with the pediatrician to find the best course of action so both baby and mommy can get some sleep. Unless her son is seriously underweight, he should be sleeping a lot better and hopefully her doc can help get to the root of the problem. Babies should be able to sleep 5-6 hours per night by the time they have doubled their birth weight and reached at least 12 pounds (according to AAP). Mason was sleeping 10-12 hours at 9 weeks old. The GI told us that and had us train him to sleep through which worked well. Granted, 10-12 hours is a lot for a 9 week old, but as I said, Mason was large and weighed 15 pounds at the time and ate 32 ounces easily. But 1-2 hours is not normal for a 10 week old. There will be a better answer besides cereal.


krnj - May 16

Thanks everyone, I will wait until we go to the pedi in a few weeks. A friend of mine gave her dd cereal at around 7 weeks and she did fine with it and is not obese. Anyway I will see what the pedi says. Thanks again.


Bonnie - May 16

Goodluck! I hope he finds an answer for your sleep situation, you must be exausted!! Let us know how it goes. :D


nic nac - May 16

krnj. maybe your son isn't on a good schedule during the day. What is his routine like? I really don't think your dr. is going to say rice cereal is ok. My dr. said it ok due to my situation and said I could start solids at 4 months but she isn't ready so i am waiting until 6 months. I agree with hello and bonnie. Let us know what your dr.says.


krnj - May 16

Nic nac, my ds isn't really on a schedule yet. How can you get a 10 week old on a schedule? He's driving me crazy. I think the problem is when he eats at night he falls asleep & never gets full. I wake him up by changing his diaper but then he goes right back to sleep within 15 minutes of eating again. I really don't want to give him cereal yet. Any suggestions?


Bonnie - May 16

I had Mason on a semi-schedule back then. If he fell asleep while eating, a nice cold baby wipe on the face will do the trick (mean, I know, lol). I had Mason's feeds somewhat scheduled, within a couple hours. If he got hungry an hour before his bedtime feed, I would distract him with something else, etc.


krnj - May 16

Thanks Bonnie I will try the wipe! I try to distract him but he has a one track mind lol.


nic nac - May 18

krnj, sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. When I say schedule i really mean routine. you aren't going to be able to follow a timed schedule but a routine is what helps. Eat, have some activity (toy, interaction, tummy time, etc.), then sleep. right now, it may be hard to get him to stay awake furing feedings but if you are just consistent with eating, activity and sleep it will really help. If he eats every 3 hours, then it should be eat, have some playtime (like toys, interaction, fresh air, whatever) for how ever long he can stay up. Then let him sleep. by the time he wakes up he should be ready to eat. Now, this may not work in order right now. But you should start with a strict eating time first so if he eats every 3 hours stick to that and his activity and sleep should fall into place (sometimes it may be sleep and play) but he will get used to it. This could take a few weeks to work itself out. What i did with my dd was watched her routine for a week and wrote everything down then i built a timed schedule around that. So she typically ate every 4 hours, played and slept (sometimes it was eat sleep and play) but I stuck to the eating every 4 hours and it is working. so she eats at 8,12,4,8 then I give her a bottle while still sleeping at 11 or 12 (called dream feed) so she can get more food in and not wake up every couple of hours. she wakes at 4:30 and sleeps off and on until 7:30. It is killing me but the routine helped me get her to sleep longer. I am slowly taking the rice cereal out of her bottle and giving her more formula and so far she hasn't been vomiting. I think since she is 4.5 months now, her tummy can tolerate more food.



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