What Are The Necessities

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Samantha1 - February 16

Im due in August and I was wondering what i need to get before the baby is born. Like what do i need and what will i not ever use if i buy it?


Kelly K - February 16

Wait until after the baby shower to buy anything.. we ended up spending a whole $40 of our own money. :) My recommendations - a good bouncy seat with vibration and noise, swaddler blankets (so you can swaddle the baby without all of the effort), a good baby monitor, and a good mobile. These are the things that helped my sanity remain intact and still do.


ra - February 16

wipe warmer if you dont get one. And a comfy car seat, my lil one hates the one we have.


SarahLuv - February 16

get a travel system if you like going out and walking around the mall. buy a few t-shirts and a bunch of onesies..babies live in those..two piece outfits are cute, but the top always rides up and never stays in place. my son couldnt wear mittens for awhile, so he wore socks over his hands. if you plan to bf, get a good pump, and soothies. if bottling, buy bottles in different brands and let your baby decide which they prefer. i would let your baby "test drive" swings and bouncers before you buy one. some babies hate em. the boppy pillow is awesome!


Grantsmom - February 16

I pretty much ditto what everyone else said. I agree with SarahLuv about the Boppy. I don't know what I'd do without mine. It really saves your back and arms. We bought an expensive swing and bouncer and our baby hates both. So it's a good idea to wait and take baby to the store with you. A friend gave me her wipe warmer because she never used it, but I love it and use it all the time, so everyone is different. also buy several types of pacifer if you plan on using one. Babies are funny about what kind they'll take. I have a snugli carrier and I love it. My baby doesn't like to sit in his carseat in the buggy, like if you go to the grocery store or something, so that way I can carry him and he's happy, but my arms are free. Ususaly he'll sleep in there contently while I shop. Versus screaming in the buggy.


Samantha - February 16

Thanks so much for your responses .. i was planning on buying everying good idea about the bouncer and swing......


J - February 17

Definately a Boppy! I used it while b___stfeeding & even now when I don't. It really helps take the strain of of your arms.......heck, my hubby uses it to hold our son. Vibrating chair! i couldnt live w/o ours. he sleeps in it at night sometimes. it helps if they have colic.



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