What Are They Sleeping In

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squished - November 7

Since our ds is constantly trying to get out of the swaddle to rub his face we are going to have to find something else to do for sleeping in. Our house is about 68-70 now and when it was 72 he slept in a onesie and cotton blanket swaddle. What should he be sleeping in at 68-70 degrees? Footie pj's? Cotton ones, or fleece? Onesies and sleepsack? Suggestions are greatly appreciated and please tell me how cool or warm your house is to compare. Thanks!


suze42 - November 7

That is about the temp of our house...We put DD in a onsie and sleeper pjs with feet. I also put a blankey over her...some people dont like to do that...if you dont then be sure her sleeper is thck enuf to keep her warm...i love the fleece sleepers..


docbytch - November 7

Our house is cool...we don't use heating in most of it. Probably stays around 60-64 or so...except in a deep frost...then we gotta bundle up. I like it. He is in a thick sleeper blanket with long sleeves...swaddled in a cotton blankie and further wrapped in a fleece blanket. Before it gets much later I will put a little hat on his head too since babies lose most of their heat through their heads. When it gets real cold we put him in sleeper pjs with feet and hand covers....sleeper blanket....then swaddle him. He fights the swaddle too to put those little mits all over his face!! Problem is that without the swaddle he startles himself constantly and doesn't sleep for diddly squat. He is super sensitive to the Moro Reflex.


excited2bemama - November 8

dd (5 months) is in a onesie, fleece footie jamies and a fleece sleep sack. Temp is 69-70 when she goes to bed and then after 9 pm is 65- we also have a fan coming in her room for white noise so it gets cooler in there ( its not pointing towards her or b__wing on her.


c_baer19 - November 8

Wow.. we keep our house around 66-70° and I only put my DD in her onesie and cover her bottom half with a light receiving blanket. Anything more and she always seems too hot! Should I be putting her in a sleeper?


DDT - November 8

Also, same temp in our house and my ds (8 months old) wears a footsie fleece sleeper...that's it...no onesie. He never feels cold.


jacobsmom - November 8

My lo sleeps in a long-sleeve onesie, socks, and is swaddled in two fleece blankets. Our house is pretty cool at night- 60-65-, but he never seems cold.


MelissaK - November 8

Her room is 68, with a humidifier on high. Cotton sleep sack, kangaroo swaddler in fleece (forget the name of this thing), THEN a pottery barn swaddling blanket that is anchorded into each side of the crib and comes across her. It basically locks her into position. And a soft blanket then over it all that comes up to her waist. She's not rolling yet so I guess we'll probably readjust this when that happens (nothing but the swaddline I guess).


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 8

The temperature in my house changes...some days it is extremely hot, so she is in a onsie, socks and has a blanket over her...when it is cold (which typically it is) we have her in a onsie, and the footed pj's and a blanket over her. Sometimes we need to cover her hands with gloves, I don't wrap her at night because she moves alot and even though she is 2 months she moves sideways already so I won't chance her moving and the blanket covering her head and she can't move back out.


DB - November 8

Ours is at 68-70 and she sleeps in a onsie and fleece footed pj's and sometimes socks underneath. I judge it by how I feel...if I think it's cold then I make sure the jammies are heavier...if all the fleece jammies are dirty I do a onsie, cotton jammies and a fleece sleep sack. I've just started giving her a light blanket at 9 months but she kicks it off of her anyways.


MNMOM - November 8

Our house is about 70...our son sleeps in footed pjs (fleece type usually) and also a fleece sleep sack and we put a blanket over the top of him that we tuck in tight to the sides of the crib mattress - kinda like a swaddle effect so he can't throw his legs up and wake himself up :)


Allisonc79 - November 8

For about 70 I would say a onsie with long sleeves and a good blanket. They are pretty much like us as far as how hot and cold they get. I would think they might get hot in footie pjs. I'm in Texas so my lo sleeps light, it sometimes gets hot.


c_baer19 - November 8

Allison, I am in Nevada, so similar. It gets pretty warm in the desert.. lol!


squished - November 10

Wow.....thanks to all of you! I guess that our little guy wasn't wearing very much compared to others. I guess I am too worried about the overheating thing. We put him in footie pj's and a cotton swaddle last night and he slept better (70 degrees) and we did buy a fleece sleepsack and footie pj's. Thanks again!


eclectic66 - November 11

Wow, I think after reading some of these answers I am convinced I am freezing my child! Lol. We keep our house around 71 and my lo only has footed pj's with a light blanket (but he usually kicks that off) I have never been able to keep him bundled up in more than that bc he will get very fussy if he is too warm.


fitzerin - November 12

wow my baby is neked compaired to yours! All he sleeps in is footie pjs. We keep our house at 71 at night.



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