What Are Your 6 8month Olds Eating

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Danielle19 - January 21

first time mom here and im just not sure if ifeeding my son too much, or too little, so just wondering how much baby food your lo's are eating, this is my ds schedule 6 oz bottle, cerel and jar of fruit mid morning, 6 oz bottle noonish, then cerel 1 jar veggies, and 1 jar fruit around 3, then 6 oz bottle at 5pm and then a 6 oz bottle before bed, oh and sometimes he has a veggie before bed with his bottle, so do you think this is enough or too much and what are your babies eating?


Jenn2 - January 21

I am feeding my 7 month 1 week old dd the following per day: soon after she waskes up ( 7:00am) she has a 6 oz bottle and a jar of fruit; around 10:30 she has another 6oz bottle; around noon she has a jar of veggie; 2pm she has another 6oz bottle; 5pm she has another jar of fruit or veggie; then 6:00 is her last 6oz bottle for the day. She goes to bed around 7pm, and is up every morning around 6:30am.


luckysunshine - January 21

I had a similar question. My son is 6 months and 1 week. I started giving him solids about a week and a half ago and he seems to be drinking less formula now. I'm concerned that he's not getting enough. My son seems to not want to drink much of the bottle if I give it to him right before or right after the jar of veggies/fruits. Is it normal for him to want less of the formula now?? Danielle19, sorry I can't be of much help. I'm a little confused with this whole eating solids + formula thing myself.


krc - January 21

ethan will be 6 months in 2 days, he is still exclusively b___stfed. Im not sure yet when I will introduce solids, but when I do, I dont know which is better.to start with fruits or veggies 1st.


aurorabunny - January 22

KRC---Your ped will probably tell you do start with veggies because if they have sweet first (fruits) that they won't want to eat the veggies. I personally think they're going to eat what they're going to eat and it doesn't really matter. However, there have been new studies circulating recently saying that strictly b___stfed babies should start on fruits first because they are more used to the sweet taste of b___stmilk. Just my 2 cents. DS is almost 7 months old and feeding schedule sounds pretty similar to all of yours, only we are giving more rice cereal feedings because ped wants him to gain more weight.


mm12345 - January 22

My son is 6 months old and this is his feeding schedule. Wakes at 6am 6oz bottle, 11am 1 jar or fruit or veggie, 3:30 6oz bottle, 8:30 6oz bottle. He doesn't want any more than that. I asked his ped if he should be getting more and the ped said he is gaining weight good (18lbs 11oz). (He does get rice ceral in all his bottles due to reflux).


Jenn2 - January 22

Luckysunshine- I just wanted to respond to the question you asked about your son taking less formula. That is normal. My dd was taking 32 ounces of formula per day when she was 5 months old ( right before I started solids). When I started giving her solids she slowly went down to 28....then to 26....now that she is able to eat whole jars at a time she only takes 24 ounces per day. I have a couple good friends with babies around the same age and they are doing the exact same thing.


Nita_ - January 22

I came here to post the exact same question! My dd is almost 7 months old and I wonder if she is getting enough or too little. I started giving her rice cereal around a couple of months back, started off slow with thin consistency. But now this is her schedule: 7:30 bf, 9-9:30am rice cereal with 35cc bm made to kinda thick consistency(just like the jarred fruits/veggies). 11 - bf (unless she's napping and skips this meal!). 2 infant spoonfuls of applesauce. 1pm-bf, 2:30pm 3 infant sp carrots. 3:30pm bf. 6- rice cereal with 35cc bm. then afterthat, it's pretty much every hr b___stfeeding. She only feeds 5mts each time, maybe thats why she seems to be feeding so much more! Your babies seem to be eating a whole jar-ful's of fruit or veggie!! Should I be giving her that much? yday, she ate like 4 inf spoons of carrot! and seemed to want more...should I just give her till she says no? but the thing is, if she eats more of this, she would refuse or skip her next b___stfeeding session! I'm just not sure of this whole solids deal! SIGH!


piratesmermaid - January 22

I was going to post the same question, too! Gretchen is 6months 6days old and we've been on cereal for over 2months and baby food for over a months. Her schedule is this: Oatmeal between 9:30-10am then b___b following, veggies around 1-1:30pm imediately followed by b___b, b___b once or twice again before a dinner of veggies or fruit at 7:30, again followed by b___b, then bath then bed. Of course she's still wanting the b___b 3 or 4 times throughout the night. It's exhausting!!!!


piratesmermaid - January 22

Oh, and I feed Gretchen her solids till she wants no more, sometimes that's two tablespoons of cereal at breakfast and about a 1/2 - 1 jar for lunch and a whole 2nd foods jar at dinner.


jwhite - January 22

I have been doing she wakes up around 7 or 8 and she'll get 2 tbsp of oatmeal and a half a thing of fruit and a 4 oz bottle, then around 11:30 just a 5 oz bottle, 2:30 or 3:30-6 oz bottle, 5 or 5:30-6oz botle, 7 or 7:30-2 tbsp oatmeal and half thing of veggie, then 8:30-9 a 5 oz bottle. I hope she's getting enough, but she really is not eating her bottles right now cause she has an ear infection and she's teething. So it has not been much fun trying to get her to drink lately.


AnytimeLittleone - January 22

I think everyone is wondering about this question! My dd will be 6 months on February 3rd. Shes in the middle of teething, so feeding her solids is definately challenging. At 8am, she has a 7oz bottle. At 11am, she has rice cereal and fruit mixed together (it makes about half of a small jar of babyfood) and 4 oz of formula. At 2pm, she has 7 oz of formula. At 5pm she has a veggie (usually about 1/2 a small jar, more if her mouth isnt hurting). Then at 730pm, she has another 7oz of formula. I plan on asking her doctor at her 6 month check if I can increase the solids, and decrease the formula. Im wondering how many oz's of fluids babies need to remain hydrated?



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