What Are Your Kids Attached To

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ashtynsmom - February 19

My dd has NO attachment to an object what so ever... except her pacifier. It is driving me crazy lately. She HAS to have it at ALL times. This just started- before it was an "out of sight, out of mind" thing and she only got it at bedtime... NOW it is 24/7. She is trying to talk more, so I am really trying to limit the paci time... but it is virtually impossible. I have nieces that have lovey's or blankets, or toys they must have with them, especially at bedtime, but my dd has nothing like that. No blanket, no lovey, no stuffed animal... nothing. She is 13 mos old- anyone else child not have an attachment to something like this.... or what ARE your kids attachements??


ashtynsmom - February 19

Also... I forgot to ask- did your kids form this attachment on their own, or was it something you gave them all of the time and THAT is what formed it?


olhdw101 - February 19

My b___b!.....Can't sleep without it.


CyndiG - February 19

My 8 year old has a stuffed dog named Bobo. Bobo has a bow on each ear, hence the name. When she was 1, I took her bottle from her, that night was bad! We gave her that dog (chosen blindly and in a hurry because she was flipping out) and a sippy cup of milk. She still sleeps with Bobo, and probably will forever. She gave the sippy cup up around 4. Carlie hasn't gotten attached to anything yet, but she's just 7 months. Give her time!


CyndiG - February 19

Ok, so Carlie is attached to my b___b.....I wasn't going to admit that olhdw101...but since you made me. :O}


ashtynsmom - February 19

I guess I am thinking maybe she needs something like this to sleep better. Both of my nieces have loveys they HAVE to have, and certain blanket. It is frustrating when try to go somewhere and don't have "blankie and bunny" but they sleep ALL NIGHT LONG!!! My dd is a poor sleeper, and I thuoght if she had a security object, it might help, but she is not attached to anything. We have tried putting various stufffed animals in with her, she could care less if she has a blanket or not, and she has no "favorite" toy. My nieces had these attachments well before one year old, so I guess I am just wondering why..... I am glad on the other hand that Ashtyn is not so reliant on an object... it makes it a lot easier to come and go, and not have to drag something with us all of the time.


soon2bemomof3 - February 19

my hip!!!! LOL!!!!!


Mellissa - February 19

dd is still not attached to anything, and she's 3 1/2. ds only seems to be attached to a remote control, believe it or not. I had to take the batteries out of it, and he has to have it anytime he's up playing. he's 6 1/2 months.


LollyM - February 19

Ava is attached to my b___b too! lol She is 6 months now. She used a paci from 1 1/2 month to 5 1/2 months, but she just stopped using it and replaced it with her thumb! I would say, only give it to lo when it seems absolutely necessary. If you can distract her, do it. Maybe you can tell her that she's a big girl now and she doesn't need it? Or maybe bribe her by telling her that if she gives you the paci, you will buy her a special toy? I don't know if she comprehends that much information yet, but my main advice would be to give her something else when she is upset. Ava also likes the remote =) lol


punkin01 - February 19

ashtynsmom....i am with you on the paci.......my DD is 15 months old and HAS to have it and DH dont help any because he will give it to her anytime my back is turned and especially while i am at work my 2 days a week......we took her bottle around 1 yr and she was fine with that no problem and i agreed to let paci hang around a little in case she had a problem with the bottle going but she didnt so i have tried to take paci and it is hell for naps and bedtime......she WILL not go to sleep w/o it ....and like i said hubby gives it to her anytime so she will hide them till she wants it or just comes acroos it in her toy box and here she will come with it ..i take it away from her in the mornings and give it at nap time and at bed time...so that is the reason i thinks she keeps one hid it seems like...makes me so mad becasue she is trying to talk and i think the paci is to blame for her not saying as much as i think she could otherwise...and hubby gives it to her after i leave to go to work because she sees me leave (i have to be at work at 3) so she cries so he gives it to her to hush her but DH leaves before 6:30 and most of the time she is asleep so she dont see him leave.....sorry so long but i gur=ess i needed to vent about it this is the only thing me and DH dont agree on is the paci ....i want it gone and he is OK with it


SonyaM - February 19

ME!!!! My oldest had to have my finger in his hand to go to sleep until he was about 3. It drove my crazy!!!!


Smilefull - February 19

my son likes his cat--stuffed toy he calls "The Cat"---my folks had a cat so he knew what a cat was and just took a liking to it. Things like pacies are a coping mech which isn't necessariily a bad tihng...13 mos she's stll young. I think they form attachments to toys at around 18 months..maybe wait it out a bit??


Natalias Mom - February 19

My b___b also, almost a year old and no signs of wanting to wean


flower.momma - February 19

My two-year-old has "cookie" the bear, "minka" the cat, and "sa__sy" the giraffe. She named them all and can't sleep without them.


Allie - February 19

Chloe is 8 1/2 months, and since about 3 months has had a favorite blankie - she doesn't sleep well without it. The funny part is that about a month ago she changed which blanket was her "lovey"...I had hers in the wash and gave her another one in it's place, and she wouldn't switch back when I gave it back the next day.


Lisastar9 - February 19

My baby ds has his b___b too,if he wakes up in the middle of the night he wants it again to go back to sleep.


Brittany - February 19

My 2 1/2 year old loves his tigger blanket. It's a small little security blanket that I recieved at his baby shower, he has been inseparable with it since around 5 months. My 8 month old loves her pacifier and security lamb blanket. I was a blanket baby too so I must have somehow pa__sed it down to my kids haha. I wouldn't have thought that BOTH of them would love a blanket, I didn't think it was that common, they do though, we have to bring the blankies everywhere...if I forget, I'll have to hear a tantrum all day haha.



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