What Are Your LO S Favorite Quot Non Toys Quot

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BusyBee - January 27

My 9 month old ds seems to love things that he is not supposed to have - he loves the cordless phone, cell phone, channel changer, and he loves to grab people's glasses right off their face and play with them! What fascinates your little one that is not a toy?


SonyaM - January 27

The phone, remote controls, shoes, socks, dish towels, laundry baskets, containers, spoons, really anything he can get his hands on. He is super busy. Never ever ever sits still.


Justine1 - January 27

The TV remote control and the phone are Sophie's favourites.


ash2 - January 27

Anything with a cord !! I have to watch him like a hawk ! Its funny becasue he just learned to do the " army crawl " and when he sees something he is set on, he makes this fast breathing noise and anxiously crawls on his belly with his elbows to the object and GRABS it really quick before i have the chance to take it away ...ROFL !!


jillianT - January 27

well, my 8 yr old has a stack of broken down cardboard boxes under his bed that he refuses to let me recycle. he gets the packing tape out when he wants to use one of them and then breaks it back down and sticks it back under his bed when he's done. he's afraid if he leaves them out for too long that i'll throw them out. i wish he had this fear for the rest of the stuff that is all over his room.


aurorabunny - January 27

Of course Brody can't even pick the remote or something I could let him play with as long as I was supervising....he LOVES potato chip bags, pretzel bags....I eat Weight Watchers pretzels and the bags are shiny silver and very crinkly...I can't even eat them in his sight because he throws a mega tantrum when I won't let him have it, lol


Hana - January 27

My hair lol My 4 month old loves to yank on my hair..and he tends to pull on the short ones behind my neck that HURT sooo darn much!! He'll put anything in sight right into his mouth. The other day one of his blankies fell on the street and i took it intending to put into the wash and forgot and very stupidly put it on him again and next thing i knew he was chewing it and theeeennnn i got the flashback lol Oh and he takes my gla__ses off as well...


krnj - January 27

Shoe laces, zippers, anything with a string! lol


eliz24 - January 27

Tupperware lids and my cell ohone are 2 of her favorites but I could go on forever because she basically likes anything that's not a toy!


krc - January 27

the short remote and my head band. He will hold it(the headband) and pa__s it to and from each hand non-stop!!! LOL


Shannon - January 27

cell phones, keys, remotes, pots and pans from the cupbards, all the stuff in the bathroom cupboards- everything she's not suppsed to play with! lol


K8 - January 27

My lo loves the tags and labels on everything! she also likes the rings that toys hang off. We spend vast amounts of money on some lovely gadgets for her but she only wants the rings that they hang off.


Sarahsmommy - January 27

Sarahs favorite "toy" right now is a box my dad has fixed up for her. It has a sting with a drink bottle on the end to pull her with. She LOVES it. She will get in her box and sit so that you can pull her. She also loves phones, cell and cordless, she'll but it up sideways besides her ear and "talk" she also likes keys and most anything she can get her hands on.


Ca__sJ - January 27

Isaac loves the box of wipes and my cell phone. He has all of the sudden gotten intrested in the trash bag in the kitchen. Ahhh!


DeeJay - January 28

THE CAT!!!! poor thing!! Anything with cats also. Like my very expensive ceramic cat collection!! My fault though, I wanted her to love cats so I always say look at the pretty cat and stuff like that.


apr - January 28

my long dangly earrings. he's 5 months old, but he really pulls hard with no prior notice. peoples hair. he pulled my 1 and a half year old neices hair and she screamed.


^lucy^ - January 28

mine LOVES cell phones, remote controls, news papers, and my clothes!! she's 8 1/2 months old :) oh, forgot to mention, she loves her daddy's laptop as well!! he bought her a baby laptop but she likes his more lol



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